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About ThatWowLifestyle - Tips For Women To Lose Weight

Nat Fickman, Founder & Editor

Hi there, I'm Nat Fickman, fitness expert and entrepreneur, based out in Mauritius.

For many years, I struggled with my excess of weight. In 2015, I was able to lose over 60 pounds in a few months. I've managed to keep my weight loss until now and in 2019, I finally launched this blog to help women in the same position I found myself a few years back.

And I've made it my personal mission to spread the word about simple, healthy and actionable weight loss tips to help you transform your body.

To help in that mission, my advice and tips how to lose weight have been quoted extensively in a few reputable online publications, including healthline, Livestrong, huffpost and a few more.

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ThatWowLifestyle makes money through our sole advertising partner, Mediavine and through affiliate marketing. We are meticulous about the products and services we choose to recommend that will help you along your weight loss journey. If you decide to sign up for a product or service you find through ThatWowLifestyle, we might earn a commission from our affiliate partners at no extra cost from you.