The 5 Day Apple Diet Review | Pros & Risks

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Doing the apple diet for just 5 days can be super effective at losing those unwanted extra pounds.

In this article, I’ve gathered all the information that you need to know about this diet plan.

From what it entails and how to do it, to why and when you might want to do it, I’m here to cover all angles of the apple diet.

Whether you’re looking for a way to lose weight or just a new way of eating your favorite health food, then the apple diet is something worth considering.

What Is The Apple Diet?

The apple diet is a less complicated diet plan that involves cutting down on carbs and fats and eating apples for only 5 days.

Upon completion, it will have you back to your old self with the weight dropping off as little as that 5-day period. Thus the name of the diet.

According to “Natural Hormones and Weight Loss” by Dr. Ali Kamran, “Drinking apple juice before meals can boost metabolism by 35%—that can translate into 3 pounds of fat lost every week.”

The apple diet plan was developed in France and recommends eating apple as the main food for a period of five days.

At this time doctors and medical experts claim that it is a very good way to lose weight quickly but should be a short-term solution.

So why not take the apple diet plan for a spin? After all, if it works as good as reported, then who can say no to that!

What Are The Benefits of The Apple Diet?

The diet plan is known for its ability to melt fat in a very short period of time. In fact, it has been reported that people have shed as much as 6-7 pounds in the first week!

After all, it is not only about losing weight; the apple diet plan also gives you the opportunity to get back into shape and be healthy again.

In less than 7 days, you will be amazed at the benefits of this diet plan.

Apart from the obvious weight loss, there are other health improvements that you might notice once you complete the apple diet.

Here are the benefits of the apple diet:

Detoxifies The Body

Just like other diets, detoxification is at the top of the list of benefits.

This simply explains how your body gets rid of harmful toxins and eliminates them as you lose weight.

However, the apple diet actually makes it even easier for toxins to be removed from your system.

Clears Out Unwanted Substances

You will feel cleaner as your body works diligently to clear out unwanted substances and keep you healthy at all times.

Clears Skin

Due to the detoxification process, problems with oily skin can resurface quickly.

But this is only temporary as your body gets back to normal after losing some weight.

Skin problems are put into check and balanced once again.


Just as the name suggests, the apple diet energizes you and gets you back to life.

Improves Digestive System

After you have lost a significant amount of weight, your digestive system will work much better after the detox process.

You will be able to take in more food and absorb all that you get into your body faster.

This means that you will feel more energized and be able to run around on a daily basis without getting tired easily.

Reduces Stress

Apples contain a lot of anti-stress properties. This is why doctors recommend eating them while losing weight.

They help reduce stress and keep you able to fully focus on the counting of calories.

Reduces Acne

In addition to clearing out the toxins from your body, it also helps get rid of unsightly acne from your face.

As mentioned before, if you have had problems with acne especially before losing weight through other means, this is a good time to try out the apple diet because it can help get rid of them for good.

Helps You Lose Weight

The number one benefit of this diet is the fact that it helps you lose weight.

As mentioned, this diet keeps you from gaining weight by keeping your calories low. It also does not allow for eating junk food and greasy foods.

It is always best to follow this diet with a workout program so that you also lose fat and increase muscle tone at the same time.

Essential Vitamins

The apple does not only contain less calories but it also contains essential vitamins for your body such as vitamin C which helps with the immune system and protects against infections.

Dietary Fiber Effect

The apple contains dietary fiber which increases the rate of digestion. It also makes you feel full and reduces food cravings.

Vitamins C and E

These antioxidants are very good for your skin, hair, and nails. They can also help fight off different types of infection.

Vitamin B6 and B12

These vitamins can boost energy levels as well as reduce stress while helping the metabolism process blood glucose faster.

The two vitamins are also good for the nervous system muscles to increase metabolism rates faster in order to burn calories more efficiently while reducing stress levels at the same time.

All of these benefits are just some of the things that you can expect from this diet plan.

Cons of The Apple Diet

As I always say every diet has its pros and cons.

Here are some of the cons of this diet:

Very Limited Food Choice

Although you will lose weight quickly by following this plan, it might be hard for you to give up eating your favorite food after the 5-day period is over.

Although apples contain fewer calories than other fruit, they should be eaten in moderation.

Can Get Boring

Although the apple diet has many health benefits, it should be taken for a short period of time.

After all, no one wants to get sick by eating the same food over and over again.

But then again, if you think about it, you can always make an apple salad or add other fruits to spice things up.

No Exercise Plan

As mentioned before, it is best to go on this diet plan along with an exercise program so you can burn some pounds while toning your body.

If you do not follow any diet plan that includes exercise routines, then your weight will go back up in no time at all.

Short Term Results

Over the period of time, this diet plan works. But if you have never gone on a diet before, you won’t know how long the results will last.

So be ready for the change to come back as quickly as it came. Your body adjusts to your new ways and goes back on its old ways very quickly.

No Cheating

If you do cheat and eat something that is not in the apple diet plan then your weight will go back up in no time at all.

So make sure you stick to this diet plan 100% so that you can get the results that you want out of it.

No Food For A While

If you want to gain weight, then this is not the diet plan for you.

The apple diet is only good for those who want to lose weight and go back down to their original weight.

What To Eat On The Apple Diet?

Keep in mind that your calorie intake should not exceed 1200 calories a day.

  • Breakfast – You should eat your breakfast as soon as you wake up in the morning. This is the time that your body needs all of its nutrients for energy.

You can have some eggs, a toast, or cereal with an apple juice and coffee or tea.

The apple juice will be a great way to start your day and give you all the vitamins that you need to help maintain your weight loss better than ever before.

  • Lunch – For lunch, you can have some more apples of course with a bowl of soup or salad along with some other fruits such as oranges or pears. You can add some nuts or even some peanuts for an extra kick.
  • Dinner: For dinner, make sure you have a hefty salad with fruits and vegetables in it. You can also have some beans or chickpeas as well as a dish that includes whole grains with 30g of brown rice and a few grams of protein like meat, fish or shrimps.

It is always best to clear your menu with your doctor before starting on this diet plan so that you will not get ill from eating less food than you are used to eating.

How Long Should You Do The Apple Diet?

The apple diet is meant as a once-in-a-while diet plan that can help people lose weight and keep it off.

It is a good way for someone who wants to lose weight quickly. This is not the best diet plan for someone who wants to lose weight slowly over a long period of time.

So, how long should you do this diet? My answer is 5 – 10 days. Going overboard is not recommended so as to avoid eating disorders.

The good thing about the apple diet is that it has been proven to work.

It works because it really makes you eat less and also helps burn fat and build muscle when you combine it with an exercise routine.

But if you have tried other diets with no results, then this one may not be for you.

This is not for those of you who become frustrated or get back to old eating habits after a few days on the apple diet plan.

And if your body does not adjust to eating apples after a while, then it might be best for you to find another way of losing weight.

You have to be dedicated in order to get the desired results. If you are looking for instant results, then this diet is a good way for you to lose weight better than ever before.

It’s a good option if you really just want to lose some pounds quickly so that you can go on a vacation or attend a wedding where you have to fit into the dress that your fiancé bought for your special day.

How Much Weight Can You Lose On The Apple Diet?

Most people have lost 5-10 pounds after the 5 day apple diet.

Since each person’s metabolism reacts differently to a diet, it’s difficult to say the exact amount of weight you can lose.

There will be multiple factors that contribute to how quickly you can lose weight and keep it off.

You can lose up to 10 pounds on this diet plan, but there are a couple of things that might make it difficult for you to keep your weight off after the diet.

How To Keep Your Weight Loss After The 5-Day Apple Diet?

Any diet plan that helps lose weight fast is bound to come back to haunt most people later on because they fail to get rid of the bad habits in their eating and exercise routine.

If you go back to your old eating ways, then your weight will go back up in no time at all.

The changes that you made on the apple diet plan should stay with you for a long period of time so that you will not have any problems falling back into those bad habits again and again.

So even after the 5-day apple diet is over, it is recommended that you keep eating apples and follow a healthy diet that might keep your weight off and help prevent future weight gain.

1. Reincorporate Carbs Gradually

I recommend that you reincorporate your carbs slowly over the course of a few weeks.

When you reintroduce them, make sure that you don’t go overboard and eat them all at once.

When you come off the apple diet, it is possible that your body might not be able to function without getting its daily dose of carbs from other sources.

This can happen if you do not give it enough time to adjust to eating fewer carbs and less sugar, or if you are used to eating a lot of sugar in the form of sweets.

2. Start Exercising

When you come back on your regular diet, it is important that you start exercising and incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your daily routine.

If you want to strive toward getting healthier in general and feel better about yourself, then start exercising the right way so that you can build muscle and keep the weight off longer.

3. Watch Your Calorie Intake

Remember that you will be eating fewer calories on the apple diet.

This means that you have to make sure that you burn more calories through workouts and being active in general.

The 5 day apple diet is not meant for weight loss just because of the apples alone.

The purpose of taking the apples is only to prepare your body for a healthier lifestyle that includes a diet change.

The apple diet works best if it builds up your metabolism, helps burn fat, and gives your body energy so that you can exercise regularly without getting tired.

If you eat the same amount of calories on the apple diet as before, then it will not work as well as to lose weight or keep it off.

Final Thoughts On The 5-Day Apple Diet

Many people say that “The Apple Diet” is not for them because they find it hard to stick to the diet plan.

But, you should never be afraid to try something new or think that there are nothing better than what you already know.

The key is to find something that works for you and stick with it so that whenever your body has the slightest tendency of wanting a treat, or after a few days of denying yourself, in comes the craving again and again.

So just start out with something small and build up your confidence as you go on. You will never know if something new works for you unless you try it out.

Don’t let the thought of not being able to stick to a specific diet stop you from trying anything new.

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