How To Make Money With Data Entry Jobs (2022)


Although data entry jobs don’t pay $100k per month, you can still make a decent income, at least enough to pay the bills and do some shopping or even go on holidays somewhere.

It has become a much sought job since many companies offer the flexibility of doing the job from home.

There are many remote workers in the data entry industry and the job gets done even if the operator is at the other end of the globe.

So, if you want to make a full-time income online or money on the side, you can try applying to data entry jobs.

You must also note that there is definitely progress in this industry. You don’t want to stay a data entry operator all your life.

Check out the career path in the data entry world:

best data entry jobs

The average annual salary for data entry jobs in California ranges from $30k – $41k.

So, yeah you can consider data entry jobs if you can rack up a $3k income per month.

best data entry jobs

What Is Data Entry?

As its name already shows, data entry is the act of entering data into a particular system with the means of a laptop or pc.

Often times, data is provided in the forms of paper, audio or video and the data entry clerk has to input the data into the company’s data entry system.

There are many data entry jobs available for entry-level employees and yes you are paid more if you have more experience in the field.

There are various types of data entry jobs that you can do such as electronic word processing, typing, coding, transcription and more…

Equipment You Need

  • A computer or a laptop
  • A high internet connection
  • Number pad – when entering data for a volume of numbers, a num pad is ideal and a time saver.
  • Date processing software such as MS Office Suite

Skills You Need

Like any other job, to be considered as a potential candidate, you must meet a minimum of requirements, although you might be starting at entry-level.

At some US companies, the majority of data entry applicants will need good maths and English skills, in both writing and speaking, to be eligible for the jobs.

These are the main skills you will need to start as a data entry operator:

  1. Competent typing skills, both in accuracy and speed
  2. You must be computer literate 
  3. Basic skills in literacy and numeracy. 
  4. Organizational skills. 
  5. Strong communication skills, both written and oral. 
  6. Good skills in customer service.

Keep in mind that you will be asked to perform other related tasks other than just entering data.

That’s why the above skills are important as you’ll be needing in other areas of work such as customer service, helping someone over the phone, etc…

Your Responsibilities

A data entry operator doesn’t only type in data all day long. Data entry jobs are often attached to other area-related tasks that are required to complement the data entry task.

Here are a few related tasks that you will be asked to perform:

* You will need to transfer customer and account data from different source types (paper, audio, video) to the company database and generally, this should be completed within a certain time frame.

*Before input, you will be required to prepare all your information and sort them in order of priorities so that the source data is well compiled for processing.

*You will be required to make a review of the data before you start the data input. Often times, source documents might contain errors, discrepancies or minor mistakes.

*Sometimes, you might come across incomplete documents. So it will be your job to perform some research tests to go and find the missing pieces before processing the data.

*You will need to handle the data software for future processing.

*After completing the data entry tasks, you must always ensure that you have properly generated the necessary reports accordingly and also verify that important backups have been done.

*Most of the time, you will have to scan documents and files and print them for future cross-checking by your supervisors.

*You must, in any case, disclose any information regarding the data you’re working with, to any third party. Confidentiality is a must as a data entry clerk.

*As a data entry operator, you will sometimes have queries to reply to over the phone. It’s your responsibility to be polite and friendly.

*You will be required to always keep yourself in line with security procedures and data integrity and protection.

Now, that you know what is data entry and what to expect as a potential data entry operator, let’s move on to the real and legit data entry companies.

You must remember to pay attention to the scammers out there, promising to offer $500 per hour for data entry jobs. This is surely a big scam! Beware.

5 Best Online Data Entry Jobs


I always thought Xerox was that huge photocopy machines dealer only.

But after researching on data entry companies, I was surprised to find that Xerox was indeed on the list.

What was more astonishing was that it offers so many job opportunities from home.

Their data entry works were not only related to the tech niche but to a few other industries.

You can visit their job board to see if there a data entry job that suits your needs. And I’m sure you’ll find one.

Amazon MTurk

Did you know Amazon is not only this large warehouse of products? Amazon has a lot of online jobs including Amazon MTurk.

Amazon MTurk provides a platform for businesses to outsource their operations. MTurk employs people to perform these tasks remotely.

Jobs available on MTurk are data validation, content moderation, and online surveys.

If you are in need of some extra cash on the side, MTurk can be an amazing opportunity for this purpose.

Click here to apply as a worker to find data entry related jobs.


Clickworker is a one-stop-shop for micro-tasking solutions.

These tasks are performed and delivered by their crowdsourced community of 1.9 million clickworkers.

The number of services they offer to businesses is huge and I’m sure you can find something out there to be able to make money online from home, being a clickworker.

Below is a list of all the tasks provided by Clickwork:


Known as the largest work from home provider, Lionbridge works with many of the biggest companies around the world.

Lionbridge provides services such as data acquisition, global testing, and language services.

The majority of their workforce community is bilingual. So if you are fluent in a few languages, both in writing and speaking, this will definitely be a plus for you.


Appen is another large company that offers the best data entry jobs and has a variety to offer to you if you’re looking to work from home.

They serve six of the biggest industries in the US: retail, technology, government, healthcare, financial and automobile.

Appen provides work from home opportunities that range from simple surveys to be completed in less than one hour to on-going projects that can last for months or longer.

Below are the cool services you can find something to work in:

Where to find data entry jobs


best data entry jobs

Before typing “data entry jobs” in the search bar, make sure to toggle the little drop-down arrow so you can select “Jobs”.

After typing “data entry jobs”, you will find a huge list of businesses looking for freelancers to perform their tasks.


Glassdoor is one of the largest freelance job sites offering amazing opportunities for people to work remotely.

It has a vast array of job offering and there are hundreds of new data entry job opportunities posted on the platform almost every day.

Another big marketplace where you can easily make money from home with data entry jobs. You need to sign up there for an account and start applying for jobs.


When I was uni I used to work for Flexjobs and I was with them for 2 years and I highly recommend this platform for an easy finding of work at home jobs.

There are thousands of data entry jobs at Flexjobs and I guess they have the highest hour pay for data entry jobs.

Click below to sign up for Flexjobs!


There are many other data entry jobs but these are the top 5 in my opinion. I have worked with a few of them and I’ve always been satisfied, payment-wise especially hehe.

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