Corey Harrison’s Weight Loss Journey and Diet Plan

Corey Harrison, known for his role on the reality TV show Pawn Stars, has undergone a remarkable weight loss transformation. Before his journey, Corey weighed over 400 pounds and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Determined to improve his health, he opted for gastric band surgery in 2010. The surgery, along with lifestyle changes, including a healthier diet and exercise routine, enabled Corey to lose approximately 200 pounds.

Corey’s inspiring transformation not only impacted his physical appearance but also influenced his co-star, Chumlee, to embark on his own weight loss journey. Let’s dive deeper into Corey Harrison’s remarkable health journey, including his decision for gastric band surgery, commitment to a healthy lifestyle, and the joy he found in maintaining his weight loss.

Corey Harrison’s Decision for Gastric Band Surgery

Corey Harrison’s weight loss journey began when he received a pre-diabetic diagnosis from his physician. Concerned about his health, Corey made a life-changing decision to undergo gastric band surgery. This surgical procedure helps restrict the amount of food the stomach can hold, which aides in weight loss. And Corey’s results were impressive.

With the gastric band in place, Corey experienced a significant reduction in his body weight. The surgery not only transformed his physical appearance but also sparked positive changes in his overall lifestyle. Corey embraced physical activity and modified his diet to maintain his weight loss.

The decision to undergo gastric band surgery was a crucial turning point in Corey Harrison’s health journey. It allowed him to take control of his weight and improve his overall well-being. Corey’s journey proves that with determination and the right strategies, anyone can achieve an incredible transformation.

Corey Harrison’s Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

In his journey towards weight loss and transformation, Corey Harrison didn’t rely solely on gastric band surgery. Instead, he made a conscious decision to make long-term changes to his lifestyle, ensuring that his weight loss progress would be sustainable and healthy.

One of the key aspects of Corey’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle was his dedication to physical activity. He understood the importance of regular exercise in maintaining his transformed physique. For this reason, he made it a habit to regularly attend the gym, where he meticulously followed a workout routine tailored to his needs. Through consistent effort and perseverance, Corey not only maintained his weight loss but also continued to improve his overall fitness.

Alongside his workout routine, Corey Harrison also recognized the significance of a nutritious diet. He became more mindful of what he consumed, focusing on portion control and opting for foods that provided the necessary nutrients for his body. By making healthier choices and avoiding excessive intake, Corey ensured that his weight management journey remained on track.

Corey’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle extended beyond the walls of the gym and the choices made at mealtimes. He embraced the mindset of self-care and prioritized his overall well-being. This included getting enough restful sleep to support his body’s recovery and maintaining mental and emotional balance through activities such as mindfulness and stress management.

With his unwavering dedication to a balanced and active lifestyle, Corey Harrison successfully kept the weight off, showcasing not only the transformative power of gastric band surgery but also the importance of long-term lifestyle changes in achieving and maintaining weight loss goals.

  1. Regularly attending the gym
  2. Following a tailored workout routine
  3. Mindful food choices and portion control
  4. Prioritizing restful sleep and mental well-being

Chumlee’s Weight Loss Journey Inspired by Corey Harrison

Corey Harrison’s incredible weight loss transformation not only impacted his own life but also inspired his friend and co-star, Chumlee, to embark on a similar journey. Witnessing Harrison’s dedication to improving his health motivated Chumlee to make positive changes in his own lifestyle for the better.

Inspired by Harrison’s remarkable progress, Chumlee took the initiative to adopt a healthier diet and incorporate regular exercise into his routine. Through determination and hard work, Chumlee successfully shed around 100 pounds, a testament to his commitment to personal growth and well-being.

Corey Harrison’s weight loss not only transformed his own life, but it also served as a catalyst for positive change in those around him. Chumlee’s decision to follow in Harrison’s footsteps demonstrates the power of support and inspiration in achieving personal health goals.

Corey Harrison’s Influence on Chumlee:

  • Inspired by Harrison’s dedication to improving his health and well-being
  • Adopted a healthier diet
  • Incorporated regular exercise into his routine
  • Successfully lost around 100 pounds

Corey Harrison’s Joy of Maintaining Weight Loss

Maintaining his weight loss brought Corey Harrison a sense of joy and achievement. After his successful transformation, Harrison found going to the gym to be more than a necessity; it became an activity that he genuinely enjoyed. With his healthier body, he regained the ability to participate in activities he loved but had been unable to do due to his weight.

Harrison’s significant weight loss progress allowed him to rediscover his passion for snowboarding. Being able to hit the slopes again brought him immense joy and a feeling of fulfillment. To further pursue his active and healthy lifestyle, Harrison invested in new snowboarding equipment, motivating him to continue his fitness journey.

For Corey Harrison, maintaining his weight loss isn’t just about physical health; it’s about reclaiming the activities that bring him happiness. By embracing an active lifestyle and finding joy in his fitness routine, Harrison has not only transformed his physical well-being but also unlocked a renewed zest for life.

Corey Harrison’s Continued Success in Weight Management

Corey Harrison’s weight management journey extends beyond his initial weight loss transformation. He remains resolute in his commitment to maintaining his healthy weight and preventing any weight regain. One crucial aspect of his ongoing success is his regular attendance at band examinations, where he ensures the well-being of his gastric band. By prioritizing his health and staying proactive in monitoring the effectiveness of the procedure, Corey Harrison takes the necessary steps to safeguard his weight management progress.

However, Corey’s dedication to maintaining a healthy weight does not end there. He recognizes the significance of a balanced and nutritious diet as an integral component of his overall well-being. Mindful of what he consumes, Corey makes informed choices to fuel his body with wholesome foods. His conscious decision to avoid excessive intake helps him manage his weight effectively while enjoying a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Physical activity and exercise have also become vital pillars of Corey’s weight management routine. His commitment to maintaining an active lifestyle ensures that he continues to burn calories, build strength, and boost his overall fitness. By incorporating regular exercise into his daily life, Corey Harrison confidently sustains his remarkable weight loss and experiences the lasting benefits of his fitness journey.


What led Corey Harrison to undergo gastric band surgery?

Corey Harrison chose to undergo gastric band surgery after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic and weighing over 400 pounds. Concerned about his health, he decided to take action and undergo the procedure to restrict the amount of food his stomach could hold.

What changes did Corey Harrison make to his lifestyle after gastric band surgery?

Along with the surgery, Corey Harrison made lifestyle changes, including adopting a healthier diet and exercise routine, to maintain his weight loss.

How did Corey Harrison maintain his weight loss?

Corey Harrison maintained his weight loss by regularly attending the gym, focusing on exercise and physical activity, and being conscious of portion sizes and choosing nutritious foods.

How did Corey Harrison’s weight loss journey inspire his co-star, Chumlee?

Corey Harrison’s successful weight loss journey inspired his co-star, Chumlee, to also embark on a weight loss journey. Chumlee witnessed Corey’s transformation and decided to make changes to his own lifestyle through diet and exercise.

What activities has Corey Harrison been able to participate in after his weight loss?

After his weight loss, Corey Harrison regained the ability to participate in activities he loved, such as snowboarding, which he had been unable to do due to his weight. He invested in new equipment and continues to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.

How does Corey Harrison continue to manage his weight?

Corey Harrison continues to manage his weight by regularly attending band examinations, prioritizing his physical well-being, and being mindful of what he consumes. He focuses on maintaining a balanced and healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activity.
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