How To Cut Down On Sugar While Dieting

how to cut down on sugar

So you’re on a diet and you are asking yourself how to cut down on sugar for an accelerated weight loss!

This is a good decision! But keep in mind that you should only cut down on added sugars from foods and drinks. Why?

Sugar is the actual main source of energy for the body. Our body NEEDS glucose as its fuel to perform the many functions it has to.

In fact, sugars are carbs that serve as the body’s initial energy source.

While there are many kinds of sugar, the main and most popular one is sucrose, which is also best known as the table sugar or white sugar.

In this article, we will see the importance of sugar in the body but also how to cut down on sugar (added sugars) for a quick weight loss.

Let’s get started.

Importance Of Sugar In The Body

Sugars including sucrose and lactose and other carbohydrates including starches are broken down into basic sugars throughout the digestion.

These sugars are called glucose, a.k.a blood sugar. The bloodstream carries the glucose into the cells of the body and uses them for some essential functions.

Consequently, glucose provides energy and helps in protein production and is processed as well for future use.

Again, sugars that come from fruits and vegetables are essential for the body. When you’re on a healthy diet, you will be taking all the nutrients your body needs from five groups:

  • Carbohydrates (rice, bread, pasta..)
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Dairy (fat-free or low-fat)
  • Protein (meat, eggs, seeds, nuts, beans…)

And all the foods that make up these groups contain natural sugars and are good for your diet. I mean, the natural sugars found in milk or fruits won’t promote weight gain.

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how to quit sugar addiction

Why Should You Cut Down On Sugar?

Since the body actually seeks and needs natural sugars every day, it’s like “Oh I’m ok with these sugars”. These sugars won’t make you take on excess weight.

But the problem is with added sugars. They are the real culprits behind weight gain.

That’s why you should cut down on these added sugars so as to lose weight much faster and stay healthy.

Reasons why you should cut down on added sugar while dieting:

  • Weight loss promotion – cutting on sugar will shrink your fat storage, which therefore will help you lose weight
  • Reduction of skin inflammation – the high GI in added sugars are likely to provoke spikes in your insulin level which results in inflammation of the skin
  • Enhancement of the quality of your sleep – processed sugar is known to keep the system active, sometimes in the sleep.
  • Many studies have shown people quitting on processed sugars have experienced better sleeps and don’t wake up during the night, as they used to when they were taking processed sugars.
  • Teeth Health Improvement – an excess intake of added sugars contributes to cavities but cutting down on them will do the opposite.

Effects Of Cutting Down On Sugar

Cutting down on sugar, as I said, is the best decision you could ever make for your health in general and for your weight loss efforts.

But, in certain cases, people have experienced a few changes in the first days of stopping these sugar intakes.

It may not be the case for you since each person’s metabolism reacts to changes in a different manner.

When I cut down on sugar a few years ago when I was on my weight loss journey, I had no symptoms or issues whatsoever.

So below are few symptoms your body might experience while cutting down on sugar:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Dizziness
  3. Cravings
  4. Nausea
  5. Changes in sleep patterns
  6. Low mood and anxiety

Do note that these symptoms won’t last. Remember that depriving your body of something it was used to every day might have effects on your mental and physical state.

As I said, some of you may feel these changes, some of you may not.

Will It Contribute To Weight Loss?

how to cut down on sugar

Definitely yes! While cutting down on sugar should not be the only way you should resort to lose weight, I can testify that quitting on added sugars will have a positive result on your weight loss.

Sugars are always linked to calories. Foods and drinks that contain a high percentage of added sugars are very caloric.

So, what will happen if you reduce your calorie intake? You will definitely shed some pounds.

How To Cut Down On Sugar – Best Tips

Put A Ban On Soft Drinks

Before we start, take a look at the “Nutrition Facts” table for 100g of soft drink. Well, I personally think it has nothing with to do with nutrition facts because you can see it’s empty of nutrients ha!

how to cut down on sugar

Soft drinks usually contain artificial sweeteners, carbonated water, and artificial flavoring. The very first reason soft drinks ain’t good for the body is because of the artificial sweeteners.

Besides, having a normally high level of sugar, other types of sugar are also added to the soft drinks to make them tastier and that’s what makes people want more.

The manufacturers add in high-fructose corn syrup and other sugar substitutes and now imagine what these sugars are doing to your body.

Since soft drinks are classified as very caloric because they are rich in sugar, regular intakes of soft drinks will not contribute to weight loss.

It will definitely decelerate your weight loss and will badly affect your health in general.

So, the first thing you have to do if you want to cut down on sugar if to take out those soft drinks packs from your fridge.

Eat Well

Having your meals as you should is so important especially when you’re quitting on processed sugar.

Skipping meals will lower your glucose, you will feel weak and hungry and as a result, you will surely lust after other foods, which won’t do justice to your weight loss efforts.

Therefore I highly recommend that if you’re dieting, eat well and don’t skip your meals as an excuse for a quicker loss of weight. This is a different story if you’re on a zero diet or water fasting diet.

Fill In With Protein

Glucose is made from protein and fats found in food. If you have enough of these by taking them properly in your foods, you will not only have the necessary energy for the day but you be full and not crave for sugar again.

Make it a must to eat foods that are high in quality protein. What will happen is that these types of foods, which are good for weight loss, will keep full for a longer period of time.

When your stomach is full, you surely won’t be craving for sweet things, that can alter your weight loss.

So, make sure that your diet contains foods that will fill up your stomach and prevent cravings.

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Don’t Hesitate on Supplements

Supplements have proven to help in weight loss. More so, if you’re cutting down on sugar.

Let’s be honest, being on a diet means reducing your calorie intakes but you may not realize it but there are other nutrients that your body isn’t getting to its full amount.

That’s why on a diet, you feel weak, tired and dizzy at times.

That’s where supplements play a complementary role with your weight loss.

Supplements will provide a sense of satiety and you will feel full and therefore you won’t be resorting to snacks or sweet foods or drinks.

Stay Away From Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are indeed forms of sugar but because of the fact that they are sugar substitutes, they naturally don’t contain any nutrients.

I remember when before I started my diet a few years ago, I never felt satisfied after drinking a glass of diet soft drink (Diet Sprite, Zero Coke…)

It’s proven that these artificial sweeteners have the effect of making you crave more of something sweeter.

Many people have testified after quitting on artificial sweeteners, they started eating more chocolates and other sugary foods.

You can substitute these artificial sweeteners with healthy and natural alternatives such as honey, agave syrup or stevia.

Make Water Your BFF

Another best way how to cut down on sugar is to keep yourself hydrated, by drinking water regularly throughout the day.

Water has the ability to curb your appetite and therefore is considered the most healthy suppressant you can take.

By having the tummy full, you surely won’t be needing anything else in your stomach, let alone sugary foods.

So, make sure that you’re drinking 3L or 8 mugs of water every day.

Take More Fruits

You will never hurt your weight loss by eating many fruits. Fruits are loaded in water, fiber and other nutrients that are able to keep you full for long hours.

Fruits have natural sugars called fructose and glucose that helps in increasing your metabolism.

This will act as a regulator for your blood sugar level and as a result, this will prevent you from crying out for sugary foods.

While there are some fruits that are higher in sugar than others, eating them will never promote weight gain.

So, go on and eat those fruits or make your own healthy fruit juices and smoothies that will not only help you cut down on sugar but also act as a weight loss aid.

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Now that you’ve understood that processed sugar, also known as added sugars are real obstacles to your weight loss, try to replace them with the steps I’ve listed above and let me know if you’ve been able to quit on sugar.

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