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Have you been trying to lose your belly fat for sometime but you feel like you’re just getting nowhere??

May be you’re frustrated or you’re running out of options and want to get rid of your belly fat once and for all.

There are multiple ways you can rid of those fat spilling over your jeans and the steps I personally took to burn my belly fat are explained in this article ➡ Get Rid of Your Belly Fat

But today I will share with you 10 foods to eat to lose weight in your stomach and show off those six packs 😅

1. Dairy Foods Help Burn Belly Fat (Calcium)

Calcium-Rich Foods: Dairy Foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, dark green leafy vegetables, soybeans, fish, soymilk, almonds, fortified orange juice, kale, sesame seeds etc…

The best sources of calcium are certainly dairy products and they have proven to help in reducing fat cells in the stomach area.

Therefore, if you really want to beat belly bloat and get a flat stomach, consider pumping up your calcium intake.

There’s enough evidence to show how diets that allow a high consumption of calcium also have a high rate of less obesity and weight loss.

calcium foods for belly fat

How To Increase Your Calcium Intake?

Increasing your calcium intake will definitely help you shrink down your belly fat. So, here are a few ways how you can do so:

  • Do not forget to include enough calcium in your daily diet
  • Cut down on meat once or twice a week and replace with tofu which is made from soy milk (calcium)
  • Add calcium-dense snacks to your diet and snack on them instead of other snacks.
  • Decrease your consumption of alcohol, coffee or soft drinks as these can alter the calcium penetration inside of the body.

Tip: Don’t forget to reduce your calorie intake. Higher dairy consumption only works with low-calorie diet.

2. High Fiber Foods That Boost Weight Loss & Fight Belly Fat

High Fiber Foods: Broccoli, almonds, chia seeds, blackberries, raspberries, coconut, pistachios, cauliflower, mushrooms, avocado, etc…

Foods that are high in fiber can do so much good in your body than you can ever imagine.

High fiber and low carb foods work well for weight loss in general but also to combat belly fat and much more.

In fact, the fiber found in foods you eat not only help burn down the fat cells in the tummy but also prevent your body from regenerating them. How amazing uh?!

foods rich in fiber that help fight belly fat cells

Tip: Do not increase your fiber intake in one go. as they can cause cramps or abdominal stiffness. Do it gradually!

3. Protein’s Effectiveness in Reducing Abdominal Fat

Protein-Rich Foods: Chicken breast, tuna, shrimp, sardines, eggs, fatty fish, almonds, chia seeds, nuts, milk etc…

Many medical studies have shown that a regular and consistent protein intake can really help reduce weight especially around the abdominal area.

foods that are rich in protein that help in weight loss and fight belly fat cells

Have you heard or read about the importance of an adequate protein intake? I’m sure you have.

If you want to know how to lose belly fat naturally and build muscle very fast, you need to ramp up your protein intake.

Not enough protein will leave you hungry and will not be effective in your weight loss simply because protein rich foods take more time to digest, therefore giving you a sense of satiety.

Tip: Whey protein is generally safe to take, so do not hesitate on protein supplements!

4. Green Tea Catechins Help Cut Back On Belly Fats

The effectiveness of green tea in the weight loss world is not unknown at all

Many researchers have found that green tea has the ability to increase fat burning by 17% especially those ugly fats around the abdominal area.

Several studies have been done to prove that the consumption of green tea during a diet can help enhance overall weight loss + fight belly fat.

green tea catechins for weight loss and belly fat

Here’s your small list of foods to eat to help you lose weight and belly fat naturally. Keep in mind that the above foods will be effective and give you amazing results if you follow a healthy diet.

Are you ready to add these slimming super foods to your diet and get rid of your belly once and for all?

Good luck!

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