8 Creative Home-Based Business Ideas That Pay Well

home based business ideas

Are you more of a creative soul than an office person? If yes, let me show you 8 creative home-based business ideas that you can earn lots of money from.

At this point in time, everyone wants to work from home and get rid of their 9-5 jobs.

That’s the best decision you can make if you know where you are adventuring yourself and how do it.

Let’s take a look at a few profitable creative home-based business ideas you can start today.

Take On Graphic Design Projects

Graphic Design will never die I guess, at least not soon! Graphic design is greatly demanded because of the creation of millions of new businesses each year.

Surely the competition is very harsh but with the right techniques, tools and marketing strategies, you can quickly fill up your pipeline.

Graphic design is the big thing and you surely don’t want to offer every design service that’s attached to graphic design, the main field.

Instead, niche down your graphic design services and cater for a specific audience.

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Show Your Art Skills

Do you love drawing or painting? If yes, let me tell you that there are many beginners out there that will benefit from your artistic skills.

As a matter of fact, social media networks are flooded with drawings and paintings and people love to watch the process behind a finished piece of drawing.

Besides this amazing skill you have, all you will need is a good camera (dslr or smartphone) to record yourself at work and a social media platform to expose your drawings.

There are lots of ways you will be able to monetize this passion of yours.

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Become A Photographer

Thanks to technology and new business models, photography has evolved and is not tied to event photography only.

Event photography such as wedding photography or corporate photography will definitely require a level of professionalism. But if you are not at that level and you can only handle a phone’s camera (iPhone 11 or 11 Pro) you’re good to go for what I will share with you.

Like I said a few lines before, because there are nowadays new business models, there a new demands in the world of photography.

For example, today there are web designers, bloggers and graphic designers that need good quality photos to use in their day-to-day work.

When designing a new website, web designers need high-quality photos to insert in their projects for them to showcase in their portfolio. Let’s say a web designer is working on a new site for a coffee shop. He/she will need coffee related photos to place into his design so that his work is displayed professionally, either on his/her portfolio or to the client.

That’s where stock photos come into play. Websites like Shutterstock, Depositphotos, Bigstockphoto are all stock photo websites that allow photographers to upload their high-quality photos.

They are huge marketplaces where people turn to for the purchase of their stock photos for their projects.

Take Cake or Food Orders

If you know how to cook or prepare delicious food, you can start this small venture from home and make money easily.

You must have either a Facebook or Instagram account to just showcase what you have to offer.

Start small and try to offer snacks in the first place. Take orders from family and friends first and see how you handle it.

If you have experience in baking, you can also start a little bakery at home and take a few cake orders for birthday parties or other events you feel confident enough to work with.

Create Hand-Made Items

home based business ideas

Designing and bringing to life hand made products is also among the most profitable creative home-based business ideas you can use to generate money online from home.

There are tons of handmade items in this world you can choose from.

People nowadays are drawn to personalized handmade items.

Open an Esty Shop

home based business ideas

Have you ever thought how Etsy has become so popular in a little span of time. Etsy is the dominating platform for independent sellers from around the world, creating and selling their own stuff.

Etsy is known for handmade and customized products.

A few weeks ago, I made this amazing discovery of how lucrative a sticker business is on Etsy.

I asked myself, how in the world some sellers are making a six figure business selling stickers, planners or cartoonish items. Well, if that is what’s working, you better give it a try!

Start A Blog

home based business ideas

Blogging is probably one of the most profitable and creative home-based business you can start in 2020.

You can blog about anything and still make money. In blogging, there’s a niche for almost everything under the sun.

This is not to say that every niche has the power to generate $10k right off the bat. But with research you can easily find out if a particular has an audience.

You can write super amazing content but if there’s no audience for this niche and content, you won’t be making a single dime.

With blogging, you have different streams that can provide a solid and recurrent income online.

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Sell Event Stationery

home based business ideas

One last and best home-based business ideas I can suggest if you are a creative person and want to make money from home.

Designing and selling event stationery has proven to be super profitable.

What is cool about this is that you don’t need a huge upfront cost to be able to start.

There are a few essential tools you will be needing to be able to deliver your services.

Event stationery can include wedding stationery and this is not just about the wedding invitation card but the whole bundle. For instance, you can create the invitation cards, the RSVP cards, the matching envelopes, the personalized menu and table cards or even some wedding decor.

And it’s the same for a birthday party, a christening, baby shower etc…

Apart from the tools to work, you will only need a social media account where you will promote your products. You can take orders directly from your Instagram or Pinterest or you can create an online store as well or open an Etsy shop.

I hope these 8 creative home-based business ideas will help you start something online and make an income from home.

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