The Korean Diet Review | I Tried It For 7 Days & Lost 5lbs

korean diet

The typical Korean Diet also known as the K-pop diet is a popular trend that has been around for a while.

As a matter of fact, it’s gained more traction recently with the fact that K-Pop music stars such as BTS follow this diet to stay in shape.

Many people who want to lose weight have taken on the diet and have seen some amazing results.

However, not everyone is a fan. Not everyone has had the same results. But if you know me, you know I love trying out diets!

So, I tried it!

I wanted to find out if the K-pop diet is effective for people who want to lose weight.

Are there any downsides that could make it less sustainable? Are there any recipes or meal plans that will allow me to stick with the K-pop diet?

A week into The Korean Diet Review, my results are in and they can be summarized in one sentence: The K-pop diet worked for me! I lost 5 pounds in 7 days!

My Korean Diet Review has a lot more details and analysis, so I encourage you to read through the entire article.

How To Eat Like A K-Pop Star For 7 Days? ????

When I first saw how the K-pop diet encourages you to eat, one thing stood out to me: it seems like this diet is designed to maximize results in a very short period of time.

It’s often referred to as the 5-day diet or 1 week diet.

I was intrigued because at the time I stumbled upon the Korean Diet, I was looking for a short-term fix for just a few extra pounds and I was not in the mood for a water fasting.

And at the same time, I was falling in love with Korean dishes and it happened that there were a lot of korean ingredients and stuff here in Mauritius that I didn’t know existed.

Long story short: I started the diet a Tuesday morning because I had to prep all my stuff on Monday.

Without any further ado, let’s what is this K-Pop Diet.

What Does The Korean Diet Consist of?

korean diet

The Korean diet is a traditional diet characterized by a high intake of vegetables, fruit, fish, soy products (tofu and soybean curd), and whole grains.

The K-pop diet uses a modified version of this traditional Korean diet, with an emphasis on certain main dishes.

I say modified because there are a few things that you won’t see in K-pop diet. For example, they don’t recommend rice and bread.

The emphasis on vegetables and fruit is just one aspect of the Korean diet that’s included in the K-pop diet. There are also many other aspects included, like fish oil pills and vitamin supplements.

The Korean diet review is a comprehensive analysis of what it takes to eat like a K-pop star for 7 days.

I’ll go into detail about the K-pop diet plan, the Korean traditional diet, and the different aspects of the K-pop diet. And finally, we’ll talk about whether or not The Korean Diet works!

So if you want to lose weight without going through a drastic change, this article is for you!

Anatomy of the Korean Diet

The traditional Korean diet is based on vegetables, roots and small amounts of meat and fish.

The main ingredients are rice, noodles and vegetables. The amounts vary according to your age.

For example, adults enjoy approximately 3 servings of vegetables and 2 of fish or meat daily while children consume less but balance it with more fruits and grains in their diet.

The Korean Diet Rules [For Success]

One thing that attracted me to try this diet was the fact it was not a restrictive diet at all.

The K-pop diet allows you to eat what you want and still be able to lose weight.

Healthy Food Choices

✅ Limit your food choices to 100% healthy foods. All of the foods you eat must be low in calories and high in nutrients.

There are certain exceptions, like bread and rice, but these are limited as well. It’s important that you stay healthy, so read this article about K-Pop Diet Rules to see what foods I was allowed to eat.

Stay Hydrated

✅ While eating a lot of vegetables and fruits, make sure you’re getting enough water.

The Korean diet recommends having lots of water-rich foods like melons and cucumbers in your diet plan.

Without a good consumption of water, any diet you attempt to do will just be unsuccessful.

The K-pop diet plan recommended drinking 1.5-2L of water every day. Besides, helping your body flush out toxins and make you lose weight, staying hydrated will also keep your skin healthy and help keep you from being tired as well.

Follow the Korean Diet Meal Plan

✅ The Korean Diet meal plan normally consists of 3 meals a day with 2 snacks in between. Each day’s meals are the same, and there are different recommendations for each stage: lose weight, maintain weight loss, gain muscle or build muscle mass.

For example, I was on the Lose Weight Plan so I was allowed 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner each day.

Cheat Days During The Korean Diet

✅ Limit yourself to 1-2 cheat meals per week.

Eventually, you’ll want to be able to go out and enjoy a meal with your friends or family where you can eat more calories and it won’t matter.

So according to the Korean diet, you are allowed to have 2 cheat meals per week, but each of these must be under 500 calories.

Supplement Your Body with Vitamins

✅ Take a multivitamin every day. It’s important that you’re getting enough vitamins in your diet plan, so I recommend that you take a multivitamin supplement every day.

✅ Drink fish oil. Your diet plan will include flaxseed oil, and this is used to increase your Omega 3 levels. It’s recommended that you take 3-4 grams of fish oil every day, so I followed the K-pop diet plan and did just that to benefit my heart and health in general.

✅ Take a vitamin D3 supplement every day. This will help balance out your calcium levels and also keep you healthy and slim. Vitamin D affects hormone levels in the body, which helps keep weight balance as well as many other things in the body running smoothly.

✅ Take a multivitamin every day. I recommend you take a multivitamin every day, and you must take a zinc supplement as well. I took the Elderberry Zinc Supplement and I loved it.

elderberry gummies - korean diet review

Eat More Veggies

✅ Eat at least 5-6 servings of vegetables per day. This is more than the K-pop diet website recommends though, but it’s still pretty good. All the veggies and fruits are healthy as well, so you can eat them for fun!

Ditch Refined Sugar

✅ Avoid refined sugar (sugar in any form). Refined sugar is bad for your body and should be avoided at all costs, not only does it make you gain weight but it’s not good overall for health. Refined sugar is also packed with calories, so it’s important that you stay away from refined sugar.

Eat Your Kimchi

✅ Eat Kimchi daily with your meals. Kimchi is a cabbage dish and it’s extremely nutritious. I recommend eating a small bowl of Kimchi with your meals, and you can have as much as you want!

Low Calorie Foods

✅ Eat only low calorie foods (under 500 calories), and avoid fatty foods. The Korean diet plan suggests eating very low calorie foods like steamed rice, soy milk, vegetables and broth soup, starch or bean based foods (e.g. starches/beans/sugars), but completely avoids foods like meat, breads, dairy products, sweets and deserts (like ice cream).

✅ Eat only high protein meals with lots of meat/protein/fish 2-3 times a day.


✅ Exercise at least 3-4 times a week for 1 hour together with doing the above (2-3 protein based meals and 2-3 high protein meal + drinking water), and if possible do some extra exercises.

✅ If you don’t have much time to exercise or don’t like to, try to do your best by walking more, doing some stretching before sleep, etc.

What Are The Benefits of The Korean Diet?

There are many benefits to the Korean diet.

✅ One of these is that it is based on a traditional Asian diet, which has been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of chronic illness such as heart disease and diabetes as well as reduce the risk of mortality in people with diagnosed cancer.

✅ In addition, the Korean Diet keeps you healthy and happy by providing many benefits without changing anything about your lifestyle as well.

This is because you’re allowed to have a lot of fun while eating delicious foods! You can enjoy yourself while eating delicious Korean food, which is one of the main things that makes me love this diet plan so much. haha

The benefits of the Korean diet are plentiful. It can help you get and stay healthy, lose weight, and improve your sleep habits.

✅ One of the best things about this diet is that it’s flexible, and it lets you eat the foods you want. (Remember nutritious foods!!!)

More Pros About The Korean Diet:

  • Promotes and supports weight loss
  • Easy to follow and you can eat whatever you want as long as they are healthy foods
  • Promotes balance and harmony
  • Encourages eating all kinds of foods while limiting your calories for the day
  • It’s based on fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains, which are good for heart health.
  • Promotes a healthy heart by keeping cholesterol levels in check as well as blood pressure.

Cons of the Korean Diet

The K-pop diet plan does have some cons like:

❎ It doesn’t include any meal plans or recipes.

The Korean diet allows you to eat whatever you want as long as the foods are healthy, but I wish there were more guidelines and recipes to support this aspect of the diet.

❎ It’s more difficult to follow if you’re on a budget, as it costs quite a lot to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. However, it’s worth it in my opinion because they taste so much better!

Korean Foods To Eat on The K-Pop Diet Plan

While I was on the Korean Diet, I ate up to 4 meals a day, 2 snacks in between and no cheat meal as I planned to do it for only one week.

My meals included things like steak, fish, vegetables and kimchi. I limited my intake of carbs to 2 days only. I was allowed to eat fried food (like fried potatoes or shrimp) during my cheat meals, but didn’t attempt this. I was able to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as well.

One thing that I learned about the Korean diet is that all you have to do is eat when you’re hungry, but never overeat! And that’s it!

Don’t worry about counting calories or anything else, just keep eating until you’re satisfied.

So during the 7 days of my diet, I ate up to 4 times a day depending on how hungry I felt.

The K-pop diet plan allows you to have 2 cheat meals per week, and these cheat meals don’t have any specific amounts of calories but should be under 500 calories each time.

Many diet plans can be very successful but also unhealthy if you take them too far. In conclusion, the K-pop diet plan is a healthy way of eating for people who don’t want to count calories or weigh themselves everyday.

It’s great for someone when you just want to lose a few pounds and be healthy but not have to worry about your weight or go on a diet plan that requires you to weigh yourself every day.

“Final Thoughts on The Korean Diet for weight loss”

The Korean diet, or K-pop diet plan is a healthy way of eating that teaches you to cook your own meals while limiting your calorie intake.

It’s easy to follow, and it doesn’t require you to weigh yourself or count calories.

The K-pop diet plan is based on traditional Asian diets, which have been shown to be effective for reducing the risk of chronic illness such as heart disease and diabetes as well as reduce the risk of mortality in people with diagnosed cancer. (1)

The Korean diet plan lets you eat whatever you want as long as it’s healthy. So, if want to try it to shed a few pounds or to maintain your weight, go ahead!

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