6 Healthy Morning Habits That Boost Weight Loss

morning habits to lose weight

If you want to know a few healthy morning habits to lose weight, I have a few good tips that have helped me when I myself was on a weight loss journey

Sometimes we don’t even realize the power of habits. Habits can either make us or break us. And developing the good ones in your weight loss journey can only be beneficial.

Habits are just small habits it’s true yet they are so powerful to shape our lives.

Habits are so important when trying to lose weight. If you learn to develop good morning habits, they will definitely help accelerate your weight loss.

Don’t you want to reach your desired weight faster? If yes, habits are the real boosters to a quick weight loss.

Let’s see what are those healthy habits you should establish in the morning that can speed up your weight loss and also improve your general health.

Best Morning Habits To Lose Weight Faster

1. Wake Up Before The Sun

daily morning habits

One of the benefits of waking up early is the ability to go to sleep early. As someone who’s developing morning habits to lose weight, you should not forget to prioritize your sleep.

Long hours, not excessive, will be a big plus in your weight loss journey. Why? Because the body’s fat-burning process occurs when you’re resting.

Studies have shown that people with less sleeping hours tend to gain weight compared to those who have adequate sleeping hours.

So, to be able to wake up early in the morning and make this a healthy habit to lose weight, you must first go to bed early.

Being an early riser will positively affect not only your weight but your mood, your focus and your health in general.

Waking up early before the sun rises, will set the tone for your body to be energized and your brain to be focused.

I remember when I used to wake up at 10am, I was so slothful and this state made my brain believe that I needed something to eat much because I felt weak and sluggish all the time.

So, being up before the sun, has the power to help you be energetic. Therefore, you won’t have any cravings that can make you gain weight instead of losing weight.

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morning habits to lose weight

2. Make Your Bed Right Away

daily morning habits

Another helpful habit that can help you in your weight loss journey is to wake up and make your bed right away.

Making your bed as soon as you wake up will prevent you from the temptations of tucking yourself under your sheets again.

Imagine you wake up at 5am, take your breakfast, do some workouts, take a bath and then come back to your bedroom and get into bed again, with the excuse to recover just a little bit.

I promise you will wake up past noon and wake up more lethargic than ever. As a result, your body will seek for food again. Heck yes, the body gets confused too by our “bad” habits!

You see just because you’ve not done your bed, you have missed the opportunity to lose some serious weight!

Do this a few times and I’m sure you’ll forget about weight loss. Sleeping is soooo good I know! I’ve been there!

3. Drink 1 Glass Of Water & Lemon

morning weight loss habits

This one was of the hardest morning habits I had to adhere when I was trying to lose weight a few years back.

I’m that kind of person who’s usually not hungry when I wake up.

Now when I was recommended to drink water and lemon as soon as I woke up was like climbing Mt Everest! Yikes!

But when I read about the benefits of drinking water before everything else in the morning, I gave it a shot and never regretted it since then.

When you drink water on an empty stomach, especially with lemon in it, this helps boost your metabolism.

What happens is that when you’re already on a diet, this morning hydration gives a little kick to your metabolism that helps flush out body fat.

Of course, you should continue drinking water, at least 2L, for a continuous detoxification throughout the day.

So, as soon as you wake up, brush your teeth and get yourself a glass of lemon-infused water.

4. Do A Few Workouts

working out - daily morning habits

I hope by now you’re already seeing the benefits of morning habits to be able to lose weight faster.

So, you wake up, make your bed, brush your teeth, drink your glass of lemon water and then it’s time for some workouts.

I mean light workouts like a few stretching, jogging, walking and a few workouts of your choice.

The length of your workouts depends on how active you usually are but if you are lightly active, a 15-mins workout session is enough to help improve the metabolism for a faster weight loss.

Working out in the morning before taking your breakfast will definitely speed up your weight loss.

Your body will automatically take its first dose of energy directly from your fat storage since you have nothing on your stomach, in terms of glucose or carbs.

5. Take A High-Protein Breakfast

high protein foods

Eating high-protein breakfast is among the best healthy morning habits when trying to lose weight.

As someone who is dieting for weight loss, your food intake is really important.

For this reason, taking a high-protein breakfast is the best way to keep your stomach full for long hours.

When you kickstart your metabolism with high-protein foods, appetite is curbed and weight loss is quickly promoted.

Foods that are high in protein have the ability to provide a feeling of satiety and therefore you won’t feel like snacking every 30 minutes.

6. Prep Your Lunch

daily morning habits for weight loss

When dieting, meal prep is extremely important. Meal prep has many benefits including aiding in weight loss.

That’s why I highly recommend you consider preparing your lunch as a new habit in your weight loss journey.

Meal prep helps in portion control and prevents risks of temptation.

So, if you can prepare in advance your lunch for the day or even for the next few days, It can be very beneficial.

Also, when you meal prep your lunch, you’re already prepared mentally as well to what you’ll be eating.

As a result, this will prevent you from craving for unnecessary stuff that can increase your calories for the day.

Final Thoughts on The Best Daily Morning Habits

I hope these little tips about the best morning habits to lose weight can help accelerate your weight loss.

As soon as you get the hang of these little habits, they’ll become much easier don’t worry.

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