Nathan Fillion Weight Loss: How Did He Lose 68lbs?

nathan fillion weight loss

If you’ve ever dreamed of being the next Nathan Fillion? You’re not the only one.

Nathan Fillion’s weight loss secret is not a secret, at all, but rather a very well-known diet and The Rookie Star has indeed shocked more than one when the trailer of the 2nd season came out.

Nathan Fillion has been public about his use of the Ketogenic Diet, so we can assume it’s the weight loss regimen he’s been following.

I’m pretty sure you already know slightly about the Keto Diet, being a diet that consists of high fats and low carbs.

Nathan Fillion Weight Loss Diet

Many people praised and were appreciative of Nathan’s fresh look, claiming that it made him look more like a cop. One tweet said, “He’s lost weight but looks good. More rugged and cop-like!

It’s pretty much a usual thing for celebs to go through a kind of body transformation after each season of a tv show. But, I really think that Nathan Fillion, who was still single at the age of 48, wanted to come back sexier than ever!

Ok now let’s talk about the meat of the subject: Nathan Fillion’s weight loss diet.

It’s not a secret anymore about the weight loss program that gave us the new Nathan Fillion. In an interview, he clearly mentioned he followed the Keto Diet.

In an interview with Yahoo, Nathan Fillion told the world that he’s been following the ketogenic diet for quite some time. According to the interview, he began using the diet back in 2015.

Since then, he’s lost a total of 68 pounds. Fillion’s diet is filled with two types of proteins: meat and fish. When looking at the types of foods that he’s choosing to eat, he’s mostly consuming chicken and fish and avoiding red meat.

What is the Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet is a diet where you increase of consumption of fats and lower your carbs and protein intake.

When I say an increased consumption of fats, I’m not talking about unhealthy fats found in bagels, doughnuts etc…

I simply mean that a Keto Diet favors eating more healthy fats for a specific purpose.

In fact, when doing a Keto Diet, you will simply change the source of energy for your body.

Normally the carbs we eat are transformed into sugar and we called it glucose. This glucose goes through the bloodstream and this is when we get energy to perform our daily activities.

What will happen when doing a Keto Diet is that we will allow your body to switch its “fuel reservoir” from the glucose storage to the fat storage instead.

Doing this, many overweight people have been able to lose loads of extra pounds in a few amount of time. And this is how Nathan Fillion has lost almost 70 pounds in total.

If you want to lose weight too via Keto Diet, I recommend you take a look at my article here on how to lose weight with keto.

Why is Nathan Fillion’s Diet Secret so Successful?

nathan fillion weight loss

According to many health experts, Keto Diet has been widely used across the years and has proven to be effective for weight loss and health improvement.

And while we already know that Fillion has been using this diet, we can also infer that he’s also done something to boost his body’s metabolism and keep it burning fat.

As a diet person myself, I’m sure Nathan paired his keto diet with a bit of exercise because he’s not only thinner but his body is pretty much toned in certain parts.

What are the Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet?

Sustainable weight loss: A recent study found that keto diets are great for weight loss, particularly when combined with other types of extreme diets.

Rapid Fat Loss: I would have to say that the reason for this is the high-fat content, however, this diet can help you lose weight faster, and often use fats that are difficult to burn as fuel.

Did Nathan Fillion Lose Weight Or Is He Sick?

nathan fillion weight loss

Well, as he said with his own mouth, he’s been through a very restrictive diet and I only think he’s look healthier being at his ideal weight.

Others have pointed out that he looks sick but can a sick person work on filming hours of filming every day? Not sure!


Now you know the power of the Ketogenic Diet, you can research more on it if you want to lose some extra pounds fast. Of course, if you have medical conditions, please consult your doctor first.