The Watermelon Diet | I Lost 12 Pounds In 5 Days

watermelon diet

At this time, you’re pretty much interested in trying the watermelon diet for weight loss but you want to have some other points of view about it, right?

Do you need to look “better” in your clothes for a special occasion soon? Or do you simply need to lose some extra pounds?

Well, the watermelon diet can do the trick.

So keep reading so you can decide if you want to enroll in this simple yet effective diet.

Disclaimer: Results aren’t typical. Consult your doctor if you have health conditions.

⚡️ This diet is not recommended at all for pregnant women, children and teenagers, and adults who have serious health issues.

What is the Watermelon Diet?

Let’s tackle of question of “what does the watermelon diet consist of ?”. The watermelon diet is a short-term diet where you are allowed to consume watermelon only.

Consumption may be in any form, be it a smoothie or a bowl of the watermelon cut in pieces

Although there are people who have done this kind of drastic diet for 30 days, I don’t recommend going overboard with it. I suggest doing the watermelon diet for 3-5 days or a maximum of 7-10 days.

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Losing weight does not mean putting your health at high risk either! So, I urge you not to exaggerate!.

While the goal is to cut off from carbs, fats, and protein for a short period of time, you can also feel free to mix the watermelon with other fruits. But the watermelon diet is meant to be done with watermelons only.

That’s the deal for just a few days.! Do you think you can do it? Let me know in the comments below!

the watermelon diet for weight loss

In January, I tried the watermelon diet for 5 days.

I did it and it was amazing! For me, it was like a water fasting with a pinch of sweetness although I have a few friends who did it together with their protein intake for lunch.

Since watermelon is natural and an unprocessed food, it is filled with 100% of its nutritive value.

For instance, watermelons are made of 92% of water and the rest is potassium, magnesium, vitamins, and other minerals.

And the fact that watermelons have a high water content is why they are excellent for weight loss.

The concept of the watermelon diet is super simple, direct and result-proven.

There’s nothing more to explain about the watermelon diet as a concept but let’s get to know other aspects of the diet and I’ll show you how you can experience a fast weight loss with it in a matter of days…

Watermelon Diet Rules For Success

1.Plan Your Diet

Not because you won’t have to cook for the next 5-7 days that you think you can just jump on the watermelon diet.

Every diet should be planned and prepared. Ask yourself if you are prepared to cut off from food for the next 5-7 days. Ask yourself if your work conditions will allow you to try this kind of diet?

I see many people on early morning shifts struggling with diets because they lack energy to tackle their tasks and they end up not doing the diet. And this is totally normal!

So, that’s why I’m asking you to ask yourself if you are ready to eat watermelons only for the next few days!

2. Start Gradually

Like I always say to my potential clients, never jump on a diet overnight. Your body is a “thing” that gets easily comfortable with the way you treat it.

Let’s say you used to eat 4 meals a day, and you decide to do a zero diet the next day. I can assure you that you will end up failing on day 2 because your body will surely react to this. And not in a positive way!

Instead, what you can do is to set a start date for your watermelon diet, and a few days before, you begin reducing your carb, sugar, and protein intake.

As you teach body what you want, it starts to get comfortable in that new state. Only then, you can start your first day with no carbs at all.

3. Meal Prep

Meal prepping in a weight loss journey is super important. It saves you time, money and keeps you focused on other important things of your life.

First, you must decide if you wanna do the watermelon-only diet or if you wish to take at least one meal of protein for lunch or dinner. Remember no carbs!

Then act accordingly by prepping your watermelons and/or your meal in advance.

How To Do The Watermelon Diet & Lose Weight Fast?

The diet in itself has a few variations and all of them can bring results. You can find a pdf below for the different variations of the watermelon diet.

For example, like I said a few lines before, the way I chose to do it was different from the way my friends did it.

I opted for the version of eating watermelon only. The way I did for the 5 days was like this:

  • Woke up at 5am > had my cup of tea (with skimmed milk + brown sugar)
  • Replaced my 10am cup of coffee with a fresh watermelon juice
  • For lunch, I had around 135g of watermelon (cut into cubes)
  • Replaced my 3pm cup of tea with 2 glasses of water
  • For dinner, I made a mini bowl of watermelon salad (mixed with a few other fruits)
  • Had 2L of water throughout the day to keep me hydrated and regulate my sugar levels.

Watermelon Diet Pros & Cons

Every diet under the sun comes with its pros and cons! There’s not a perfect one unfortunately!

Now let’s see the benefits of doing a watermelon diet or a fast weight loss and also why is it that you should think twice before attempting it.

✅ Benefits of The Watermelon Diet

  • ???? Thanks to its high water content, your body will stay constantly hydrated and since your body is enough hydrated, you will see other benefits such as weight loss, skin health improvements, a rise in your energy etc…
  • ???? Due to the fact that you will cut down on carbs and fats, your body will double down on burning calories. That’s why you will experience a fast weight loss.
  • ???? Because you will consume more water than normal in the watermelon consumption plus your normal water intake, your body will flush out toxins and fats more often when you’ll go for your frequent pee sessions.
  • ???? Your body will get a chance to rejuvenate and you will definitely feel more energized and believe me you’ll have more motivation to exercise.
  • ???? It can relieve constipation issues as water produces bowel movements.

❎ Cons of The Watermelon Diet

  • ???? Since watermelon contains a whole lot of water, you will certainly urinate more than just a few times a day, and for some, that may be inconvenient, especially if you’re at work.
  • ???? Unusual bloating can happen due to the high water content you will ingest (i did feel bloated for the first 2 days)
  • ???? It can take a toll on your metabolism because of the lack of necessary vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients your body needs.

Does Watermelon Burn Belly Fat?

There’s no real answer to this simply because there has not been enough research to back the theory that watermelon act as a belly fat cure.

But one thing is sure: watermelon, being a low calorie, low carb and nutrient-rich food will surely assist you in your weight loss.

As a matter of fact, watermelon contains a much lower percentage of carb compared to other fruits and that is one benefit of adding watermelon to your diet.

And likewise, trying the watermelon diet will definitely help you lose layers of fat around your belly and everywhere as well.

Final Thought On The Watermelon Diet To Lose Weight

Not every diet on this earth is for everyone. But you’re the only person who is able to decide if you can afford this pretty harsh diet because you alone, know your body.

As for me, I managed to lose 12 pounds in 5 days, felt energized and rejuvenated and didn’t get any negative spinoff on my health until now.

But if you’re a healthy type of person and you need some fast weight loss results, then why not?!

Try it and come back to let me know of your watermelon diet weight loss results.

Good luck! ????

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