Brittany Cartwright’s Weight Loss Journey and Diet Plan

Brittany Cartwright, known for her appearance on Vanderpump Rules and The Valley, has undergone an inspiring weight loss journey. Her health journey and fitness transformation have captivated the attention of many fans. Through her dedication and commitment, Brittany achieved remarkable results, showing the world the power of determination and self-care.

Before embarking on her weight loss journey, Brittany faced the challenge of post-pregnancy weight gain. However, she didn’t let that discourage her. Combining a balanced diet with consistent exercise, Brittany managed to shed an impressive 45 pounds.

Brittany’s diet tips include portion control and intermittent fasting. By being mindful of her food portions and incorporating fasting periods into her routine, she was able to optimize her weight loss efforts. Additionally, she partnered with Jenny Craig, a renowned weight-loss program, to further enhance her progress.

In terms of her workout routine, Brittany Cartwright has embraced a variety of exercises to support her fitness journey. Her routine includes running, weight training, and interval training. These activities not only helped her burn calories but also improved her overall strength and cardiovascular health.

Brittany Cartwright’s weight loss journey serves as an inspiration to others who are on a similar path. Her openness and honesty about her own struggles, coupled with her determination and positive attitude, have made her a role model for many. Through her journey, she encourages others to prioritize their health and well-being, showing that with dedication and the right support, anyone can achieve their fitness goals.

Brittany’s Partnership with Jenny Craig

After giving birth to her son, Brittany Cartwright partnered with the renowned weight-loss company, Jenny Craig. This collaboration proved to be a significant turning point in her weight-loss journey, enabling her to shed an impressive 45 pounds. Brittany’s success with the Jenny Craig program can be attributed to their effective weight-loss program and her commitment to following their guidance closely.

One of the key aspects of the Jenny Craig program that Brittany found instrumental in her weight loss was the concept of portion control. Jenny Craig’s portion-controlled meals provided Brittany with the structure she needed to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Some of her personal favorite dishes included the flavorful chicken carbonara and the satisfying breakfast omelet.

Despite having a sweet tooth, Brittany didn’t have to completely eliminate her favorite desserts while on the Jenny Craig program. Indulging in treats like chocolate lava cake, cheesecake, and lemon cake was an essential part of her weight-loss journey, proving that a balanced and flexible approach to dieting can still produce impressive results.

The Brittany Cartwright weight-loss program with Jenny Craig not only helped her achieve remarkable success in her personal transformation but also serves as an inspiration to others seeking their own weight-loss journey. By partnering with a well-established weight-loss brand like Jenny Craig, Brittany was able to find the support and structure she needed to make sustainable lifestyle changes and reach her health goals.

Brittany’s Exercise Routine

In addition to making changes to her diet, Brittany Cartwright has implemented a consistent exercise routine as part of her weight loss journey. By staying active, she has experienced not only physical but also mental transformations. Working out four to five times per week, Brittany engages in a variety of exercises that help her burn calories and build strength.

To keep her workouts diverse and exciting, Brittany incorporates activities such as running, weightlifting, powerwalking, and interval training. Running, in particular, holds a special place in her routine as it contributes to her mental well-being, providing her with a sense of clarity and peace.

One of the factors that contribute to Brittany’s success is her commitment to staying active. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining consistency in her exercise regimen, as it helps her meet her weight loss goals and maintain her progress. On days when she doesn’t exercise, she admits to feeling sluggish and lacking energy.

Exercises for Weight Loss

As part of her journey, Brittany has discovered a variety of exercises that are effective for weight loss. She finds that cardio activities like running and powerwalking burn calories and boost her metabolism. Additionally, weightlifting has played a crucial role in shaping her physique and building muscle.

Interval training, which involves alternating between high-intensity and low-intensity exercises, has also been a key component of Brittany’s exercise routine. This type of training helps her maximize calorie burn and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Incorporating these exercises into her routine has contributed to Brittany’s fitness transformation. Not only has she lost weight, but she has also gained strength and improved her overall health.

Brittany’s Motivation and Priorities

Brittany Cartwright’s weight loss journey is driven by her motivation to stay healthy for her son. As a mother chasing after a toddler, she recognizes the importance of having energy and maintaining a healthy weight for her overall well-being. While she still has a goal to lose a few more pounds, Brittany’s main priority is feeling good about herself and being confident in her own skin.

Brittany’s focus on her health goals goes beyond just the number on the scale. She understands that self-confidence plays a crucial role in her journey, and that feeling good about herself is a key component of overall well-being. By prioritizing self-care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Brittany continues to inspire others with her remarkable transformation.

Brittany as a Role Model

Brittany Cartwright’s weight loss journey has not only transformed her own life but has also inspired and motivated others along the way. As an influencer and television personality, Brittany is open and honest about her struggles and achievements, using her social media platforms to share her progress and transformation. By documenting her weight loss journey, Brittany aims to inspire and empower other women who may be going through similar challenges.

Brittany’s transparency and vulnerability allow her followers to connect with her on a personal level, creating a supportive community. She understands the emotional and physical obstacles that come with weight loss, and she offers guidance and advice based on her own experiences. Brittany believes in uplifting and supporting others rather than tearing them down, and she actively fosters a positive and encouraging environment through her online presence.

Through her journey, Brittany has become a role model for many, showcasing the power of perseverance, self-love, and determination. Her transformation serves as a reminder that anyone can achieve their health and fitness goals with the right mindset and support. Brittany Cartwright is more than just a reality television star; she is an inspiration and a role model for those on their own weight loss journeys.

The Valley and Future Ventures

Fans of Brittany Cartwright can look forward to watching her on the upcoming Bravo series, The Valley. The show follows Brittany, her husband Jax, fellow Vanderpump Rules alum Kristen Doute, and their partners in new life ventures.

While the exact premiere date for The Valley is yet to be announced, it is slated to debut in Spring 2024.

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  2. The Valley premiere date
  3. Brittany Cartwright’s future projects


Brittany Cartwright’s weight loss journey is a shining example of the transformative power of dedication and healthy habits. With the support of her partnership with Jenny Craig and her commitment to regular exercise, she experienced remarkable changes in both her physical and mental well-being. Brittany’s success story serves as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that with determination and the right resources, anyone can achieve their health and fitness goals.

Throughout her journey, Brittany Cartwright’s determination and discipline have been evident. By embracing portion control and intermittent fasting as part of her diet plan, she was able to shed 45 pounds, strengthening her confidence and boosting her overall health. Incorporating various exercises such as running, weight training, and interval training into her routine further enhanced her physical transformation.

Brittany Cartwright’s journey is a reminder that self-care and prioritizing one’s health can lead to remarkable results. By staying focused on her goals and maintaining a positive mindset, she has emerged as an inspiring figure for others striving to achieve similar transformations. Brittany’s weight loss success and accompanying health transformation are a testament to her unwavering dedication and serve as a motivating example for those seeking to embark on their own journeys towards healthier lifestyles.


What weight loss program did Brittany Cartwright use?

Brittany partnered with Jenny Craig for her weight loss journey.

How much weight did Brittany Cartwright lose?

Brittany lost 45 pounds following the birth of her son.

How did Brittany Cartwright achieve her weight loss?

Brittany credits portion control and intermittent fasting for her weight loss success.

What is Brittany Cartwright’s favorite Jenny Craig meal?

Brittany enjoys dishes like chicken carbonara and the breakfast omelet.

What desserts does Brittany Cartwright indulge in on Jenny Craig?

Brittany enjoys treats like chocolate lava cake, cheesecake, and lemon cake.

What is Brittany Cartwright’s exercise routine?

Brittany incorporates running, weightlifting, powerwalking, and interval training into her workouts.

What is Brittany Cartwright’s weight loss motivation?

Brittany is motivated by wanting to stay healthy for her son and having the energy to keep up with him.

How does Brittany Cartwright inspire others with her weight loss journey?

Brittany shares her progress and transformation on social media to inspire and uplift others.

When does the new show "The Valley" premiere?

The premiere date for “The Valley” is yet to be announced but is slated for Spring 2024.

What can fans expect from Brittany Cartwright’s new show?

“The Valley” follows Brittany, her husband Jax, Kristin Doute, and their partners in new life ventures.
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