8 Legit Side Hustles You Can Start At Home


If you want to know how to make some extra money on the side, I have a list of awesome legit online side hustles you can start from home today.

You can be a stay at home mom, a college student, unemployed or someone wanting to escape the 9-5 grind, these are legit side hustles that you can turn into full-time jobs and make a decent living.

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#1 Online Surveys

Online surveys has been around almost a decade now or more I think, and there’s a huge pool of people who are earning $500+ each month participating in online surveys.

While it’s hard to make a living from online surveys, it is still a pretty awesome way of making money online.

An extra few hundred dollars that can pay the bills is worth it I guess.

So the big question is how much money can you really make doing online surveys.

Most survey companies pay as low as $0.50 per survey and up to $5.00. Earnings can really add up quickly if you take a lots of surveys.

With that said, I guess $100 is easily achievable and $500 is not impossible if you put in the effort.

I do believe that the amount you can take off from survey sites will depend on your personal efforts, daily and consistently!

#2 Blogging

Est.Earnings: $200 – $150k Per Month

Starting a blog is among the most lucrative legit online side hustles.

Many successful bloggers are blogging part-time and are able to earn a copious income. Now imagine if you can devote full-time energy and effort!

Blogging is the big elephant in the room! With blogging, you can generate money via different income streams.

For instance, with a single blog, you can earn money from ads, affiliate products, selling your own products and more.

If you don’t know where to start, you can check my article: How To Start A Blog That Makes Money | The Definitive Guide 2020

If you want to learn more about blogging and how you can make money blogging, just head over to my Start A Blog category, I have lots of articles to guide you.

#3 Social Media Account Management

Est.Earnings: $300 – $15k Per Month

Well, as you already know, almost everyone and every business, be it small or big, has a social media account.

Some are on Instagram, some are on Twitter, others are on Facebook and the others are on every social media platform.

If you are on one of these platforms, I guess you have an idea of how long people are on there consuming content that makes them feel good.

Now for a business, it’s 10x more important because social networking is a business tool for growth and sales.

The cool part is that not every business has a special person dedicated to maintaining their social media account.

What if they pay you to do the job? Am I serious? Yes of course!

There are specific industries that need that audience on social media networks and that’s where their new clientele is.

You can start by choosing a niche you want to work for and contacting small businesses in that niche and propose them to manage their social media accounts.

Some small businesses can even pay up to $1500 per month to maintain their Instagram and Facebook.

Of course, as a beginner, you might want to charge less and get a few clients per month.

#4 Ads Management

Est.Earning: $2000 – $100k

Because of harsh competition, small and medium businesses are more conscious of marketing.

Business growth doesn’t happen unless a company has its own marketing strategies for its expansion.

More businesses are resorting to paid advertising through Google Ads & Facebook Ads.

If you have some knowledge of these types of social media advertising, you can offer your ad management services to small and medium businesses.

#5 eBook Writing

Est.Earnings: $500 – $100k

Do you have a passion for writing? If yes, why not produce and sell your own eBook?

In this age of technology, the means are there to create and make money from almost everything.

Creating an eBook will cost you your time only because you won’t have to go by and print your writing.

What you can do after writing is to publish your eBook on Amazon Kindle or if you already have a social following, you can create your own online store and advertise your eBooks on your social media platforms.

#6 Tutorials

Who in his/her entire life hasn’t searched for at least one tutorial on Youtube or Google?

I’m even sure Bill Gates has been fooling around YouTube looking for some baking tutorials?

You see there’s not even one person under the sun who knows everything!

Creating specific tutorials for a targeted audience has proven to be very profitable, more so, in a time where all the necessary tools, you need to start, are almost free to use!

Choose a niche, create content around specific topics and publish on YouTube.

You can then monetize your YouTube channel with ads and also make money from recommending products or services through your channel or even sell your own digital or physical products.

#7 Freelance Writing

Est.Earnings: $250- $10k Per Month

Freelance writing is among the most legit and profitable online side hustles.

There are two categories of business people: one that is a bit lazy and another one that is too busy.

Do you have a passion for writing? Then monetize this passion.

There are lots of businesses that offer opportunities like freelance writing.

For instance, many small businesses know that one way of getting more clients to their business is through SEO. And SEO results happen through blogs, i.e, writing.

If you really love to write, there are tons of sites that have writing jobs. After having worked on some gigs, you can start contacting some businesses and propose your writing services.

You can check out sites like Upwork, Online Writing Jobs, The Writer Life or Fiverr for freelance writing gigs.

#8 Lending With Interest

Last but not least, lending with interest can be very lucrative.

Although it contains a certain risk potential, many have been able to earn a decent income lending regularly with interest.

Of course, when dealing with this kind of business, even if you’re doing it at a small scale, make sure you abiding by the laws of your country and also always keep a written proof with the signature of borrowers, just in case something goes wrong with repayments.

So, here are 8 simple legit online side hustles you can start from home and generate a decent income.

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