18 High Paying Online Jobs For Moms

online jobs for moms

What’s better than staying with your kids or baby while making money from home?

If you’re for a special list of online jobs for moms, this article will come in handy.

Besides getting an amazing income at the comfort of your home, these online jobs for moms also come with a lot of perks.

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More and more people, especially moms are constantly keen to experience the work-at-home or be-your-own-boss lifestyle. And I totally understand!

That’s why I researched the best and most flexible stay at home jobs online for moms like you.

And I really hope you can start something asap.

Without any further ado, let’s see how you can work online from home and get paid as a stay at home mom.

VA Services

online jobs for moms

A virtual assistant is someone who provides assistance to clients and businesses and the services are delivered remotely, commonly from a home office.

Virtual services have become amazingly popular because businesses can now outsource their microtasks.

It’s true that there are still companies that have their in-house people for their tasks but an outgrowing number of companies resort to online virtual assistants.

While employing virtual assistants can cost much less to a company than if it were to employ someone in-house, that does not mean that you can’t make a decent income.

In fact, there are lots of VAs that have built a six-figure income taking on VA jobs, and the way they do this is by charging, not a mere $100, but thousands of dollars, simply because they are good at what they do.

You can check out Gina Horkey, who makes a five-figure income each month. She is the queen of virtual assistance I can see after reading her numerous articles on the subject.

Without any further ado, let me show you some profitable online jobs for moms I hope you can find one that fit your needs.


online jobs for moms

Minimum monthly revenue: $1000 – $3000

Are you seeing an increasing number of blogs each time you search for something on the internet?

This is because blogging is super profitable, especially in this era! You will notice that blogging will always feature among the top and recommended online jobs for moms.

The very first amazing thing about starting a blog is that the upfront cost is really low.

You can start a serious blogging business by spending only a maximum of $100 in blogging expenses.

If you take blogging courses to help you out, then you can add another $40 for the best basic ones.

Almost every blog niche under the sun can make you some money. Of course, there are niches that are more profitable than others.

This is because there are niches that have a larger audience. An audience, which we like to call traffic in the digital jargon, is where the money will come from.

For instance, if a niche does have traffic but is very limited, chances to make a solid and recurring income from a niche like this is pretty low.

This is to say that before you launch a blog, make sure to do your research well so you blog about a niche that has enough large audience so you can make money much faster.

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Minimum hourly pay: $25- -$45

Did you know you could make money online spotting and correcting errors? This is actually one of the best online jobs for moms.

The income you can make from proofreading jobs varies as there are many factors involved. Such as the company itself, the hours you choose to work etc…

The demand for proofreading freelancers is going up each year and studies have shown that in the few years to come, there will be a massive increase in proofreading jobs.

Recruiter.com stipulates that there will be an annual increase of 4.75% over the next few years.

So, I think you can make a solid income from home as a stay at home mom working as a proofreader, online at the comfort of your home.

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Data Entry

Minimum monthly revenue: $1500 – $3000

Data entry has existed since forever and won’t vanish anytime soon.

More and more companies are looking for data entry operators that will perform tasks related to data entry.

If you have a laptop, a good internet connection and a few hours per day to dedicate to data entry, you can surely make an amazing income while staying with your kids.

If you want to know more about data entry jobs, click here.


well paid online jobs for moms

Monthly minimum revenue: $500-$1000

Translation is the perfect online job you can do from home if you write or speak a few languages fluently.

I know big organizations, especially non-profit ones, who have a huge budget to pay for freelance translators.

And I can tell you that translators are among the best paid online freelancers, especially if you can find translation jobs with Amnesty, Unicef, and big companies like these.

Also, to work as a translator from home, you don’t need any degree.

For instance, verbal ink which hires US-based translators that work from home, must, however, pass an online skill test.

Other than that, getting started in the online translation industry can be very profitable.


Minimum monthly revenue: $1000 – $2500

Basically, the job of a transcriptionist is to convert an audio file into a text-based format.

There are many industries that require the services of a transcriptionist but mostly the legal and medical industries where the demand is generally higher.

According to Payscale, the average pay rate for a not so professional transcriptionist is around $15.

With that said, you can easily make $2000 a month if you can get 3-4 transcription gigs daily.

If you’re ready to commit a few hours to this job, I’m sure you can go well over a monthly income of $3000.

Social Media Copy

online jobs for moms

Minimum monthly revenue: $500 – $1000

Where to find jobs: Fiverr, Cold Pitch

As a social media copywriter, your main job will be to write engaging content for the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube,etc…

There’s more to a social media copywriter than just posting cute photos or writing funny Facebook posts.

But it’s rather more about writing and immediately analyzing what’s performing or not.

Writing social media content should have the unique goal of building an audience, enticing them to engage with that content, and finally to grow the business.

A social media copywriter’s salary can range from $500 per month as a minimum and up to $10k if you have enough experience and can bring a positive ROI.

Still want to know a few more online jobs for stay at home moms like you, KEEP READING!

Sales Copy

Minimum monthly revenue: $2k

A sales copywriter does a but of the same job as the above.

But the difference is that a sales copywriter is not limited to social media platforms.

As a sales copywriter, your responsibility will be to write enticing content that is geared towards sales promotion.

Sales copy go out in newsletters, on social media networks, via landing pages and in sales brochures.

To be able to succeed as a sales copywriter, you need to have the ability to create content that will persuade the visitor to take a specific action such as:

  • Purchase a product
  • Download a freebie
  • Make a call
  • Sign up on email list
  • Inquire more

Sales copywriting is among the best online jobs for moms or for anyone wanting to make an income from home.

Website Content

online jobs for moms

Minimum monthly revenue: $1000 – $2000

Website content jobs are really booming these last few years.

In this day and age, businesses are more mindful of the importance of having an online presence.

As a result, the need for web content is expanding on a very large scale.

Web content will deal especially with SEO text.

What that means is you will have to write in a way that the text is optimized for search engines.

SEO web content is what will bring more customers to the business.

So, keep in mind that your content will have to be in line with SEO rules so that the business you’re working with can see results in what you’re doing.

So, if you think you have what it takes to write blog posts for a specific industry, web content might be the way to go.

eBook Writing

Minimum monthly revenue: $500 – $1000

Nowadays, you don’t need to spend a few thousand dollars to cover the cost of releasing a book.

Almost everybody is publishing a new eBook every day. How? There’s simply no costs involved to get an eBook published.

Amazon Kindle makes it so easy to publish that you can have your eBook live online in a matter of days.

The strategy that will work to get your eBook sold is a solid and consistent promotion.

Create a social media profile, build an audience, and promote. If you have a few dollars to spend, you can also promote your eBook with paid ads.

Let’s say you want to sell your eBook at $9.99. You will have to makes 3-4 sales every day to be able to earn $1,000 a month.

Doable I guess!

Let’s go on with the best online jobs for moms I have found for you!

Email Marketing Copy

online jobs for moms that pay well

Minimum monthly revenue: $1000 – $3000

Do you want to establish yourself as an email marketing expert while working from home?

This is something not impossible at all. Email marketing has become increasingly popular as one of the highest paying online jobs for moms.

An email marketing copywriter’s job is mainly writing, editing, and publishing email newsletters.

Email marketing copies can include sales or new product announcements, free email courses, sales promos, and more…

Email Marketing, being one of the most profitable sources of revenue, as at today, can bring you an amazing income if you know what you’re doing.

You will be able to gauge the success of your email copies by simply analyzing a few metrics, essential for business growth.


Minimum monthly revenue: $2000 – $5000

If you have a background in design, I urge you to take that as an opportunity to make money from home. The industry is a very stable one and features among the best jobs you can do online and make lots of money.

Brand Identity Design

Brand identity design is vast and consists of not only the design of a brand but also internal brand strategies.

You can pitch large enterprises and offer them services such as brand strategy, brand design through consultation calls on skype for example.

Brand identity is essentially setting up a business identity.

This includes the logo design, the company, corporate visual design, and its online presence, i.e, its website.

If you have a very good eye for detail and are conversant with the factors that can make a brand stand out, both visually and in its core message, brand design projects can make you an amazing recurring income online.

Print Design

Another lucrative sub-category in the design niche is print design.

Print design in itself is very broad with lots of opportunities.

You can offer services such as business card design, packaging design, brochures & flyers design, poster design, or even wedding stationery design.


high paying online jobs for moms

Minimum monthly revenue: $1000 – $2000

Art has become around and has been evolving for centuries.

Creative art has proven to be very very profitable because people just enjoy and love all sorts of art.


Selling drawings of all kinds can really provide a decent income from home.

If you have a passion for drawing, you can use this as an income stream.

Featured among the best paying online jobs for moms, there’s indeed an increasing amount of stay at home moms who have plunged into drawings for a full-time income.

You can easily dive into a very niched-down drawing category and still make a lot of money online from home.

You just need to have the necessary tools and a fan base to start with.

Let’s say you love to draw portraits, share your work on popular social media networks like Instagram or Youtube.

Instagram now allows a 1-minute video for its users to post time-lapse content.

Usually, people won’t sit and watch you draw or paint for long hours.

Posting speed art videos is the way to go to quickly grow your following on Instagram or Youtube.

Cartoons & Comics

If you want to cater to a younger audience, cartoons and comics art can definitely help!

Children and teens are pretty much active on social media networks nowadays.

If you have a love for this niche, you can provide video tutorials on how to draw cartoons or even create coloring books for this young audience.

Just make sure you build your audience first via any social media platform and start sharing your works.

As a mom, I’m sure you can create amazing and healthy content or products for these young souls.


best paying online jobs for moms

Minimum monthly revenue: $1500 – $2400

You don’t need a sexy voice to make money with voice-over jobs.

You just need the right tone! Yup, that’s all!

Voice-overs are among the best and well paid online jobs nowadays.

Some people in this industry have taken voice-over classes but it’s not a must.

Well, if you plan to make it on a professional level, then you might want to take voiceover classes to perfect your talent!

Voice-over jobs are not restricted to the film industry but voice-over acting is also used for corporate, business, and advertising purposes.

According to Payscale, the average range for voice-over jobs can range from $40 to $100 per hour.

Your income will really depend on a few factors such as the project itself, the company you will be working for, and also your experience in voice-over.

Online Lessons

Minimum monthly revenue: $500 – $1500

Tutoring has been around for a few decades and will still be as long as there’s life on earth.

Do you know Spanish? Do you know how to play the piano? Do you know how to do calligraphy?

Why not use these talents to tutor the needy ones who want to get started?

And no you don’t need to bring the students at your home or rent a space.

You can provide the lessons online via skype or facetime or doing live videos on Facebook or Instagram.

All the necessary tools are available for you to start!


Minimum monthly revenue: $1500 – $3000

If you still think, you need $10,000 to start a merch business, you’re wrong!

There’s particularly one online business you can start with ZERO INVESTMENT!

Selling merchandise is a timeless business simply because of the fact that people will always need clothes.

And today, there is no shortage of resources and tools to not start a merch business.

There are so many free tools for you to start a merch business online and make money from home without actually leaving your home.

If you know how to design simple graphics, then you’re better off. If not, you can still hire a graphic designer for $5 for an artwork on Fiverr.

And oh you don’t need an inventory! Really? Yesss! Click here to learn more about starting a merch business without money!

Now, if you have money to spend and want to have your own merch stock and want to DIY the whole business, it’s up to you.


I hope you find this list of legitimate online jobs satisfying and that you can find something suitable for you to finally work from home and stay with your loved ones.

You will notice that most, if not all, of these online jobs for moms, require no degree or experience. So, what are you waiting for to start? Good luck!

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