Scheana Shay’s Weight Loss Journey and Diet Plan

Scheana Shay, a mainstay of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, has been open about her weight loss journey and the challenges she has faced. From dealing with stress and anxiety to navigating motherhood, Scheana has shared her experiences with her fans. Let’s take a closer look at her diet plan, workout routine, and the transformation she has achieved.

Scheana’s Diet Plan and Weight Loss Strategies

Scheana Shay has been dedicated to achieving her weight loss goals and has utilized various strategies to do so. One method she followed in 2019 was a carb-cycling plan, which involved alternating between days of consuming carbs and days of skipping them.

During her carb-cycling phase, Scheana focused on incorporating healthy and nutritious foods into her diet. She made sure to include protein-rich options such as salmon and grilled chicken, which helped to fuel her body and support muscle recovery.

After giving birth to her daughter in 2021, Scheana transitioned away from a specific diet plan. Instead, she prioritized eating meals that were balanced and provided her with the necessary nutrients. She opted for meals that were higher in protein and lower in carbs, supporting her postpartum recovery and overall well-being.

By adopting healthy eating habits and making mindful choices, Scheana Shay has been able to achieve her weight loss goals while maintaining a balanced and fulfilling diet.

Scheana’s Workout Routine and Fitness Journey

Scheana Shay is dedicated to maintaining an active lifestyle and has integrated regular exercise into her daily routine. She understands that staying active is crucial for achieving her weight loss goals.

During her carb-cycling phase, Scheana trained four to five days a week, combining full-body workouts with targeted exercises for her legs, butt, and core. This balanced approach ensured that she worked all major muscle groups while also focusing on specific areas for toning and sculpting.

Scheana believes in the effectiveness of full-body workouts because they engage multiple muscle groups and provide a comprehensive fitness experience. By incorporating exercises that target the legs, butt, and core, she was able to strengthen and tone these important areas.

Additionally, Scheana has gone above and beyond by sharing her total body workouts in an e-book called Scheana’s Slimdown. This resource allows others to benefit from her fitness journey and learn from her exercise routines.

Scheana’s commitment to her workout routine has played a significant role in her weight loss journey. By consistently challenging herself and prioritizing her fitness goals, she has achieved remarkable results and transformed both her body and overall well-being.

Stay tuned for the next section where we will explore the impact of stress and anxiety on Scheana’s weight loss journey.

The Impact of Stress and Anxiety on Scheana’s Weight Loss

Scheana Shay’s weight loss journey has not been without its challenges. One significant factor that has influenced her progress is the impact of stress and anxiety on her body and mind. Scheana has been open about the toll that intense stress can take on her appetite and exercise habits, leading to further weight loss.

Recently, Scheana bravely shared her diagnosis of postpartum OCD and how it has contributed to her struggles. Postpartum OCD can manifest in intrusive thoughts and heightened anxiety, making it difficult for individuals to find balance in their lives.

Despite these challenges, Scheana remains committed to her wellness journey. She understands the importance of addressing her mental health and seeking support to manage her anxiety. By prioritizing self-care and utilizing anxiety management techniques, she is working towards finding a healthy balance in her life.

Anxiety Management and Weight Loss

  • Seeking professional help: Scheana encourages others to reach out to qualified professionals for guidance in managing stress and anxiety.
  • Meditation and mindfulness: Incorporating practices like meditation and mindfulness can help reduce anxiety levels and promote overall well-being.
  • Exercise as a stress reliever: Regular exercise has been proven to help manage stress and improve mental health. Scheana’s workout routine serves as a valuable tool for stress and anxiety relief.
  • Support network: Building a strong support system of friends and loved ones can provide emotional support during difficult times.

It is important to remember that each person’s experience with stress and anxiety is unique. Scheana has embraced her journey with openness and vulnerability, and her story serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges. By prioritizing mental health and finding effective anxiety management techniques, individuals can work towards achieving their weight loss goals while maintaining overall well-being.

Scheana’s Transformation and Health Tips

Throughout her weight loss journey, Scheana Shay has experienced a remarkable body transformation and a profound shift in her overall well-being. Not only has she shed pounds, but she has also prioritized her mental and emotional health, realizing the importance of holistic wellness.

By sharing her ups and downs with unwavering transparency, Scheana has become a source of inspiration for countless others on their own wellness journeys. She encourages everyone to focus on their mental and emotional well-being, understanding that true transformation goes beyond just physical appearance.

Scheana’s key advice for achieving a sustainable healthy lifestyle includes proper nutrition, regular exercise, and proactive mental health care. She stresses the significance of choosing nutrient-dense foods that fuel the body and mind, while also making time for exercise to maintain a strong and agile physique.

Ultimately, Scheana Shay’s journey serves as a powerful reminder that health and wellness are deeply personal and multifaceted. It’s not just about reaching a certain number on the scale, but about embracing a well-rounded approach that nourishes the body, mind, and soul.


What diet plan did Scheana Shay follow to achieve her weight loss goals?

In 2019, Scheana Shay followed a carb-cycling plan, alternating between days of eating carbs and days of skipping them. She also focused on consuming healthy foods, including protein-rich options like salmon and grilled chicken. After giving birth, she prioritized nutritious meals with more protein and fewer carbs.

How often does Scheana Shay exercise?

During her weight loss journey, Scheana Shay trained four to five days a week. She incorporated full-body workouts along with targeted exercises for her legs, butt, and core. She has also shared her total body workouts in an e-book called Scheana’s Slimdown.

How has stress and anxiety impacted Scheana Shay’s weight loss journey?

Scheana Shay has been open about the impact of stress and anxiety on her appetite and exercise habits. Intense stress and postpartum OCD have contributed to further weight loss. She stresses the importance of addressing mental health and seeking support to find balance in her wellness journey.

What transformation has Scheana Shay undergone through her weight loss journey?

Both physically and mentally, Scheana Shay has undergone a transformation. She has emphasized the importance of prioritizing mental and emotional well-being, adopting healthy habits, and inspiring others. She encourages everyone to focus on overall wellness, including nutrition, exercise, and mental health.
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