Best Free Workout Apps for Weight Loss in 2024 – You Should Know!

best free workout apps for weight loss

Looking for best free workout apps for weight loss in 2024?

You know what? That’s a great idea because a workout gets way better when you have a companion.

After all, when it comes to building a healthy body, there are many sketchy factors that you might not keep a check on, right?

Alright, no worries, I’m here to give you an insight of what such apps can do and what are the good ones.  

How Do Best Free Workout Apps For Weight Loss Work?

Best free workout apps for weight loss in 2021 and how do they work

You must be wondering, ‘how can a simple mobile app help me look like Kylie Jenner?’

Well, I know it may sound very far fetched and straight-up an impossible task to attain, but if you have proper guidance, every impossible task becomes possible. 

Along with a proper meal plan, these apps have a detailed workout plan. The workout plan helps you shred the fat or gain mass depending upon the body type you want.

In addition, you can expect muscle growth and a lean body.

When you first launch a workout app, it shows you a window where you need to put your name, age, gender, height, and weight.

These details are for calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index) which I assume you already know about.

Tip: These apps will show you various workout plans with their level of difficulty. Here you can choose the plan that fits you the best. For instance, if you are a beginner, the basic plan might suit you, which has a medium cardio level and a low-level weight lifting routine.

Pros and Cons of Free Workout Apps 

So far you must have understood how these free workout apps work. Let’s just find out the good and bad in these weight-loss apps. 

Pros of Workout Apps:

  • Ease Of Access – Get access anywhere and anytime you want 
  • Feature Of Customizability – Workout apps are free and easy to customize, which allows users to easily switch between various workout plans so that they can get the body they desire. 
  • Track Your Daily Calorie Intake –  Workout apps have a feature that lets users track, record, and keep a check on their calorie intake for the day. 
  • Awareness About Nutrition – When it comes to getting knowledge about the nutritive contents of the food we consume, these weight loss apps may surprise you. As you know, most of us never care about the macro and micros intake of the day. 
  • Reduces The Need For Extensive Equipment – Most of the weight-loss apps have several bodyweight guides that let users ditch expensive machines. Yes, I’m talking about tricky natural alternatives 🙂 
  • Helps You Increase Your Flexibility – All these exercises you’re gonna know about are bodyweight ones, which would also unlock a lot of joints and stiff muscles throughout the journey. 

Cons of Workout Apps

  • Strict Calorie Monitoring – When it comes to calorie count, such apps are strict and their goals are a tough nut to crack. In the beginning, it may demotivate you and that can push you off your weight loss goals
  • No Real-life Monitoring –  Apps are monitoring you virtually and at some point a human coach outcompetes it. 

Can You Really Rely On Weight-loss Apps To Get Lean?

After reading all the pros and cons, you might want to know whether these workout apps are worth it. Well, I would say brains with technology is always an excellent combination.

These best free workout apps for weight loss can only give you guidance. So you have to watch out for yourself. 

If you genuinely follow the tips of these best free workout apps for weight loss, you can gain your ideal body type and accomplish your body goals! 

In my opinion, these weight-loss apps are not total trash as they’re made with the help of experts who know the subject better. 

All of this reminds me of an Arabian saying, “Trust the god but tie your camel.” So if that applies to god, it very much applies here as well 🙂 

What Are the Different Types of Free Workout Apps For Weight Loss?

When it comes to workout apps, there are a lot of different types of apps that people use. Some of these apps are body part specific, like; abs workout apps and bicep workout apps.

Meanwhile, some apps give HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Trainings) and LIT (Low-Intensity Trainings) exercises that burn our overall body weight. 

Now let’s discuss the various types of best free workout apps for weight loss: 

Steady-State Training

Steady-state training is a method in which you workout at a steady pace of cardio for a long time.

So far it’s the most widely used cardio and fat loss training method that almost everyone relies on. Apps that involve such a training method usually focus solely on fat loss instead of muscle building.

Low-Intensity Training

Low-intensity training is a famous workout method, which is widely used by those beginners who have just entered the field of lifting and weight loss.

In this method, the individual trains their body doing lightweight muscle training and regular cardio that assists in losing weight and getting in shape.

Apps that have a base of LIT training usually focus more on crunches, simple push-ups & pull-ups and plank holds. 

High-Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training one of the best free workout apps for weight loss

HIIT is a method of training where the lifter lifts heavyweight, focuses on seasonal shredding and bulking.

In this training method, you’re required to do high-intensity cardio and training at regular intervals.

Apps that are based on this method usually focus on every body part and have complex exercises like spiderman planks, diamond pushups, and Tarzan pull-ups. 

Stretching And Mobility

Athletes leverage stretching and mobility training methods to increase their efficiency and unlock their bone joints.

This training method is a must for every athlete as it reduces the chance of injuries and keeps the player safe.

The apps that are based on this training style focus more on stretching and core building. 

Best Free Workout Apps That Can Help You Lose Weight

My Fitness Pal 

This app has a huge database of food items that helps you in monitoring and keeping track of all your calories, macros, and micros.

The app logs your activities like your steps and exercises. It also gives you a regular dose of motivation and support from its community.

Pros and Cons of My Fitness Pal


  • A huge database of 3.2 million food items
  • Super easy to use
  • Different types of measurements for getting the best weighing


  • Sometimes it underestimates the calorie intake requirements of a user
  • Some people complained about highly inaccurate weighing judgments 
Best workout apps free trial my fitness pal

Lose It!

‘Lose it’ is designed to continually track your daily calorie count and your monthly weight changes.

More importantly, it tracks your fat percentage on a regular basis. It also has a feature of scanning the barcode of various products so that you can know the exact calorie count, macros, and micos of the product you’re gonna eat. 

Pros and Cons of Lose It!


  • Keeping a check on calorie intake is simple
  • Connects well with other fitness apps
  • Get ideas and recipes to have a balanced diet
  • Affordable membership
  • Helps you stay aware of the results you get from eating a particular food item


  • Most of the features are only for paid members
  • May cause eating problems if you’re not fond of researching and double-checking
  • Calorie counts may get inaccurate
  • Don’t you think it’s tedious to log every food? 
Best free workout apps for weight loss trial lose it

WW (Weight Watchers)

Weight Watchers is one of the best free workout apps for weight loss which is especially customized to track thousands of food products to keep a check on your daily calories.

Probably, this is why it has a huge customer base of its own. The people of this community help each other in attaining their body goals.

As told, the workout gets better when you get a companion. 

Pros and Cons of Weight Watchers


  • Pushes you to eat healthy foods
  • The Point system triggers the ‘reward’ feeling of your brain and motivates you to lose weight even more
  • Helps you keep a check on the behavioral aspects of losing or gaining weight
  • Syncs well with other health-related apps and devices


  • It gets costly when you want all program offerings
  • No restrictions on fruit consumption could be a problem for diabetic patients
  • Keeping a check on points won’t help with certain medical conditions
Weight Watchers 30 day free trial

Noom – One of the Best Free Workout Apps for Weight Loss

This application has a bit of a different approach to motivate you in attaining your weight or inch goals.

It seems weird but they make good use of psychology and your deep thoughts to guide you in creating a healthy lifestyle.

Nothing is wrong in trying out. Sometimes it’s just the mindset that messes or fixes up things 😉 

Pros and Cons of Noom


  • Focused on psychological aspects
  • All-in-one support system
  • Claims are scientifically supported
  • Good for long-term
  • Get in touch with certified health coaches


  • Some users might find it expensive
  • Requires intense commitment
Noom 14 day free trial

How to Get the Most Out of These Best Free Workout Apps? 

The best way to get the most out of these best free workout apps is WHY. Find your WHY for the journey and you’re good to go.

If you don’t have a solid reason for losing or gaining weight, you’re gonna end up losing the game. 

Keep digging your end purpose with it and you will achieve it eventually.

And if we talk about which app is the best, I would say it all depends on your end goals. Pick something that suits your needs, that’s all 🙂

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