How to Do Fasted Cardio for Weight Loss in 2022 – Expert Opinion

Is the ‘Fasted Cardio’ term one of the most pleasing things to you these days? Okay, I’m here to tell you how to do fasted cardio for weight loss in 2022. 

Fasted cardio is nothing but a workout that you do after 6 to 8 hours of eating. If you’re confused with what to eat after fasted cardio – breakfast is the answer. 

So basically, Fasted Cardio is not just a standard set of exercises you can do for weight loss. It comes with specific guidelines that you need to follow with discipline. Let me tell you more about it. 

Follow These Guidelines to Do Fasted Cardio for Weight Loss

Fasted cardio is not a one-time thing. Results won’t kick in unless you’re a regular devotee. Make sure to craft up a routine for everyday exercise. 

How to do fasted cardio for weight loss is a question that only applies to those people who believe in getting returns from consistent efforts.

How to Do Fasted Cardio for Weight Loss

And remember, there are a few guidelines that you should take care of while making the schedule. Let’s just have a look at them: 

  • Don’t push yourself on the first day itself. Start with low to moderate level cardio exercises like incline walking and cycling.
  • Once you’re off to a good start, you can start high intensity fasted cardio workout sessions. Please keep in mind that these sessions shouldn’t be done regularly. As workouts like these tend to damage your body muscles, they can injure you and might negatively impact your other workouts when done quite frequently.
  • The duration for a fasted cardio should be 45 mins, 1 hour tops. This irritates any kind of sprains or muscle damage.

Time to Do Fasted Cardio for Weight Loss

2 Ways That Tell You How to Do Fasted Cardio for Weight Loss

Fasted cardio is a lightweight exercising type and it doesn’t burn fat the way other effective workout techniques do. 

However, when fasted cardio and weight training combine with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and other supplements intake, quite promising results turn out. 

Let’s tell you how to do fasted cardio effectively.

Fasted HIIT Cardio Workouts

HIIT cardio is one of the best answers for how to do fasted cardio for weight loss effectively. Here’s what you exactly need to do for losing weight via fasted HIIT cardio.

What is Fasted HIIT Cardio Workout?

HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is a technique that tends to oscillate between low and high-intensity workout. It comes with proper intervals and sets.

The idea behind HIIT cardio is quite simple. During high-intensity workouts, you push your body to a limit where the maximum no. of calories are burnt. 

During low-intensity cardio, you try relaxing and taking a breather to prepare yourself for another sweating and high-intensity session.

How to do Fasted Cardio for Weight Loss – HIIT Ones!

What good is the Fasted HIIT Cardio for weight loss if you don’t know the ins and outs of it? Before hitting Fasted HIIT, let’s just have a look at these things: 

  • Wherever switching to fasted HIIT cardio, make sure to check the settings of your machine and change them if required. The motive of HIIT is to push your body to a limit. In that case, it should be fast and hard. 
  • If you’re new to fasted HIIT cardio, you can aim for a 1-minute session of high intensity. Utilize all your energy right from the beginning during the HIIT cardio mode.
  • Push yourself from the very first second. You should’ve heavy breathing in 10-15 seconds. When you become quite familiar with this workout, try increasing your fasted HIIT cardio session timing.
  • It’s also important to plan your transitions from high to low intensity. For starters, keep the ratio 1:2, i.e., go for 1 high-intensity workout followed by 2 low-intensity sessions. Make it a 1:1 ratio once you get the hang of it.

Supplement Intake for Boosting HIIT Cardio

If you don’t have a proper workout routine with a well-balanced diet, you’re not gonna get any benefits from supplements. 

Here are some really great supplements that you can take while kicking your upcoming cardio sessions. 

Bulletproof Coffee Before Fasted Cardio

Have you ever heard some cardio freaks saying – you should’ve coffee before fasted cardio? In a way, they’re right about it as coffee means caffeine. 

Caffeine speeds up and intensifies your workouts by:

  • Increasing the amount of energy burnt by your body
  • Increasing your strength
  • Promoting muscle’s endurance 

In case you hate coffee, you can go for a powder or a pill. There are many brands like PULSE which produce caffeine pills/powder.

How to Do Fasted Cardio for Weight Loss with Intake of Yohimbine

African plants called Yohimbine are the primary source of this supplement. Yohimbine assists in accelerating fat loss as it interrupts the activity of alpha-receptors in the fat cells.

Due to this activity, your body loses fat faster.

Before using Yohimbine, you should know that the supplement won’t work if you have a high insulin level. This great supplement doesn’t just speed up the fat loss but increases your overall performance by:

  • Improving your performance during workouts
  • Fighting fatigue
  • Increasing the time of exhaustion

Advantages of Fasted Cardio

  • Fasted cardio burns more fats than the normal cardio workout 
  • Combining fasted cardio with supplement intake can burn the “stubborn” fat stored in the body
  • Your stomach won’t hurt during cardio because keeping it empty is another requirement 
  • It’s best to do fasted cardio early in the morning. As at that time, you’re equipped with all the time on earth needed to do a complete session, with no work-related reason popping up.

Disadvantages of Fasted Cardio

  • Due to an empty stomach, the training alone is not proven to be much productive for many people.
  • If you’re on a low-carb diet or any other diet, Fasted Cardio is not a good option to go with as the process makes use of stored energy in your body. With dieting, your energy is already low, so there are chances you might find fasted cardio uncomfortable. 
  • It’s a Fasted cardio myth that you can skip leg day while doing it. If you want results, you gotta take Fasted cardio as side gameplay in gymming. Your normal workout routine should not be tweaked.

So You Know How to Do Fasted Cardio for Weight Loss – Now What?

Fasted cardio science is simple but a lot of people go wrong about it when they do it without knowing the guidelines and logical explanations. 

You need to know that fasted cardio alone is not much effective for weight loss. You have to kick things up a notch, combine HIIT with fasted cardio, and take the supplements mentioned to make it work. 

If you follow the guidelines, the fasted cardio results can amaze you. So, are you ready to begin your transformation journey? Let’s go! 

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