5 Super Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash Online From Home


Everyone on this earth wants to make some extra cash from home. More so, with all the technology, tools and the online landscape itself that make the process a little bit easier.

I’m not saying that making money online is easy as pie, otherwise everybody working online would be millionaire.

In fact, there are different difficulty levels for these online jobs.

Many of them don’t have the same requirements, mode of operations and other specifications relative to the work itself or to the amount of money you can make from it.

So, without any further ado, let’s see what are the 6 simple ways you can make extra cash from home.

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#1 Sell Online

Even a 5 or 10-year-old kid would have something to sell online; unused toys or clothes, right?

Now if you’re a teenager or an adult, I’m sure there are hell lot of unused stuff around your house that you could sell in exchange for some coins.

Last year, I wanted to try and see if this works and guess what? I made almost $1800 selling things I haven’t used for some years. Of course, you don’t wanna sell things in bad condition.

I sold things like my University books, jewelry I don’t wear anymore, my unused iPhone cases (yeah I have tons of them) and other things that I could find that were “sellable”…

Please go around for a check around your house, I bet you’ll find lots to sell, trust me!

Requirements: things to sell, computer, internet connection, social media account to advertise your stuff.

#2 Tutoring

Tutoring is an old-age practice but has evolved with time and technology.

Did you know that tutoring is becoming more and more demanding and popular via the internet? So many people are able to scrape a part-time and full-time income tutoring online.

If you’re very well conversant in something and you think you could provide additional help to students with specific needs, I think this might be your way to make extra cash from home.

Requirements: one or two subjects you could provide tutoring, PC + connection if you want to do it online or a whiteboard + space if you want to do it from your home.

#3 Rent Something

Luckily rent is not meant for the huge rental companies only.

Nowadays, you can rent almost anything for a short period of time or for a long term period as well.

There are things that have proven to be cost-effective when being rented.

For instance, last year I did some major works at my office and there are some things I wanted to bring my own personal touch.

Of course, there were a few types of equipment I didn’t have in hand and if I had to purchase them, it would be a waste of money because I probably wouldn’t need them again, at least in a near future.

I posted my request on a few Facebook groups and there were people who were actually keen to rent their equipment so I could use them for one day or two.

There are lots of things you can rent to people such as:

  1. A car you don’t use often
  2. Work equipment (lawnmower, cutting machines, drills, etc…)
  3. An additional room in your house
  4. Fashion clothes, jewelry for casual evenings
  5. Decorative items for parties
  6. An additional laptop or PC you don’t use

Requirements: stuff to rent, PC and internet connection, platform to advertise such as social media or online directories.

#4 Download Apps

Apps that make money? Really?

Oh yeah, I myself just discovered this a few months ago. There are actually loads of mobile apps that pay real money.

So, you can make a research on the best apps that you can download and use to make extra cash from home, on your couch.

Don’t expect to earn a living from fooling around on apps though. You can earn a few hundred bucks monthly but not a $10k income though.

If you’ve never heard of apps that pay real money, check this article of mine where I share about the 11 Best Money Making Apps That Pay You To Do Almost Nothing.

Requirements: smartphone, internet, free time to kill

#5 Buy & Resell

Another way to make extra cash from home is to make a bit of profit off the things you will be reselling.

If you don’t have much to invest, start by purchasing little things and then resell them with a profit margin.

When I was in university in 2005 and eBay was just taking popularity in my country, I remember getting this brilliant idea of buying phones which I then resell for a higher price.

I didn’t have a Shopify or Paypal but I just bought the smartphones and then announced on my Facebook or by email to my friends that I have a few smartphones to sell.

Today, promoting a product is way too easy.

What you can do is purchase some products on eBay or AliExpress and then advertise/promote them slightly higher.

It resembles dropshipping but at a much lower level, just for you to make extra cash at home.

You want to buy from Chinese sellers for better prices so your profit margin is high enough to reinvest into future purchases.

Requirements: funds for the purchases, platforms to advertise, PC or Smartphone, internet connection

Now, let’s see if you can’t make some extra cash online from home! I bet you can and you will.

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