Water For Weight Loss: How Much Water To Drink To Lose Weight

water for weight loss

You’ve probably heard that water can help you lose weight or you are probably thinking “Is there such a thing as water for weight loss?”.

Water is often underrated and many think that water is just water, forgetting about the super-powerful abilities it carries for both health improvement and weight loss.

If you want to improve your health, stay in shape or lose weight, keep reading as we dive in to see how you can use water to shed your extra pounds.

Let’s begin!

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Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Water

water for weight loss

First things first! Let us see how drinking water on a regular basis can be beneficial.

In fact, staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do to your body.

Drinking water has always been hailed as the number 1 rule in health and nutrition.

Without a proper consumption of water, the body will surely face serious health issues later on.

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Now let us see why we need to keep ourselves hydrated by drinking enough water EVERDAY.

It Regulates Blood Sugar Spikes

Continuous spikes in the bloodstream isn’t a good thing. This happens when our blood sugar is not broken down by our system and this causes a spike in our glucose level, which is bad.

For instance, when the body cannot regulate the high level of glucose in the blood, all kinds of health problems arise.

But thanks to water, this can be undone!

It Prevents Constipation

There are many causes of constipation but one of the main causes is dehydration.

A dehydrated system will surely result in difficult bowel movements, thus creating obstruction in the passing of stool.

And one effective way to combat this is by staying hydrated enough, every single day.

It Boosts Energy & Endurance

When working out, you obviously need to be energetic and have the maximum sufferance to be able to complete your exercises.

Because water has the ability to fill you up, this in turn will increase your energy level. As a result, you will feel more motivated and persistent in your workout routine.

Reduces Cravings

As I said a few lines before, water is something that can fill up your stomach.

Studies confirm that a glass of water, 15-30mins before a meal can really reduce your appetite.

For me, it has become instinctive to resort to water each time I feel craving for something.

It Flushes Toxins & Reduces Infections

Everyone on this earth has body toxins. But those who have a small percentage of toxins are the ones who love staying hydrated.

Why? Because the primary job of water is to get rid of toxins and expel them out of the body through urine and poop.

If you want to give a helping hand to your liver to perform a better cleansing job every day, get your bottle of water at hand!

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How Does Water Help In Weight Loss?

water for weight loss

The Weight Loss Process

In this section, we will see yet another major benefit of drinking water, i.e, weight loss.

As you already know, weight loss happens when our body burns more calories than we consume.

But here we will try to understand what makes us lose weight and how water plays its part in this process.

Firstly, the very first months of dieting, especially when someone is overweight, this person will primarily lose excess water.

That’s why during the first stages of weight loss, we lose weight much faster. Because water is flushed out more easily than fat itself.

But as we progress with our diet and we start dealing with direct fats, it becomes much trickier to lose weight.

And that’s when we start hitting a weight loss plateau.

Note that a weight loss plateau isn’t always a thing of not losing weight at all but the body becomes very slow to react to your diet or workout program.

And this is because of two major reasons:

  • Your body starts getting used to your routine, finding itself comfortable, and then obviously, the weight loss process is slowed down.
  • Since the majority of your excess water has gone, now the body will face direct fat layers which are more difficult to burn. The body will now take its time for necessary adjustments and you will obviously start losing weight again by doing what it takes to get past your weight loss plateau.

How Water Actually Helps Losing Weight

I don’t know a diet that does not recommend drinking lots of water.

Every diet under the sun will require you to drink at least 2L of water for the best results.

If it didn’t contribute to weight loss, the health and diet experts wouldn’t urge us to have that much water, not once in a week but, every day!

Naturally, water is free of calories. And because of this, health experts believe that drinking water can help boost weight loss.

According to Healthline, water consumption is associated with reduced calorie intake.

On top of that, many studies have shown that children and adults who stick to daily water consumption can really reduce the risk of obesity and weight gain in the long run.

For instance, there’s a study that was made between a group of middle-aged persons drinking water before each meal where they lost 44% more weight than another group of persons that didn’t. Impressive uh? Source

So, this is enough to say that water is among the greatest yet under-utilized means for weight loss and keeping off that weight loss.

When Should You Drink Water When Dieting?

water for weight loss

So, you’re trying to figure out what is the best time to drink water for weight loss.

Frankly, there is no set time to have a glass of water but since we are talking about a specific purpose, i.e, drinking water to lose weight fast, then if you take it at particular times, then yes this would definitely produce different results.

For example, what I did when I was following my weight loss program (i still do it), was I had a glass of water 15mins before each meal.

What that did is that it curbed my appetite and without realizing it I was eating less than my recommended portion.

And you know the results! This helped me lose more weight, quicker!

So, here’s a general guide if you want to start a water therapy for weight loss:

  • 1. As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of warm water. Preferably on an empty stomach.
    2. 15-20mins before each meal, drink a glass of water.
  • 3. After your meal, you can have another glass of water to help with digestion.
  • 4. During the day, you can have cold water or warm water.
  • 5. 15-30mins before going to sleep, drink your last glass of water (preferably warm water)

By the end of the day, you must have drunk 2-3L of water, hot or warm combined.

Believe me, sticking to these weight loss habits will help you reach your desired weight much faster.

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How Much Water To Drink To Lose Weight?

I will start by saying this: everything too much can be too much!

Drinking water will always benefit you; be it your general health or to help you lose weight.

However, there were instances where people have got into trouble going overboard.

Well, drinking too much water can be really injurious, sometimes fatal.

In 2007, a young girl was found dead after a water-drinking contest and the medical reports confirmed that she was dead from water intoxication. Source

Again, drinking a gallon of water will not help you lose more weight but enough water is simply enough to see results.

The amount of water depends on what someone needs though.

If you’re wondering “how much water should I drink a day for weight loss?”, generally, 2-3L of water daily is considered enough to help you boost your metabolism for weight loss.

Hot or Cold Water For Weight Loss?

Is it better to drink cold or warm or hot water for weight loss?

Different water temperatures have a few specific functions in the body.

Firstly, warm water taken in the morning will raise the level of the intestinal activity.

When the digestive tract is stimulated, this loosens the blood vessels and as a result, it favors a smooth digestion.

On the other hand, cold water can also be taken and many health experts suggest that cold water works better for weight loss than hot water.

Since the temperature of the body is 37 degrees, when you ingest cold water, the body spends more energy to digest the cold water.

Thus burning more calories along the way.

While it’s true that different water temperatures play different roles in the body, many health specialists prefer recommending hot or warm water over cold water.

But I think it also depends on your preference or state of health.

If you have respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis, I won’t suggest going for cold water because cold water or foods is a well-known trigger for asthma attacks.

So, you are the one to decide if you can go for cold, hot, or warm water during your weight loss.

Final Thoughts on Water For Weight Loss

Drinking water for weight loss has proven to be very effective.

Not only you will lose weight but you will also experience a better health, this will help protect your system from health issues and more…

Again, you are the one to choose when you want to have water and at what temperature you want your water to be.

Let me know in the comment section below if you’ve seen results drinking water.

  1. I loved this post. Helped me realize the importance of staying hydrated, which is something I clearly don’t pay attention to.

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  9. Can I put a pinch of sugar or should I take it just like that?


    1. Hmmm as you should drink water all day long and everyday, if you put sugar (even a pinch) everyday, this will increase your sugar level and you probably might not see the best results.

      It’s best to take water just like that. However, you can go for fruit infused water.

      Feel free to reach out by email.


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