How Does the Noom Diet Work for Weight Loss?

Wondering how does the Noom diet work for weight loss? Well, it’s something unique that a majority of people have not tried so far because it’s a long-term method for weight loss.

As you know, no one bothers about the long way. 

Now that you’re here, you must be so eager to know what a Noom diet is, what you can have during the diet, how Noom works, and what does Noom actually do.

So let’s get started!

How Does the Noom Diet Work for Weight Loss & What it Actually is? 

Noom Diet is a unique diet plan which is available via an app. The app creator, Saeju Jeong claims that the diet is effective and guides people for losing weight, getting fit, and staying healthy. 

Jeong has had great success in the virtual healthcare industry. His Noom diet follows a traffic light system.

The app ranks different food items according to their calorie content

Food items fall in the 3 light brackets as given below:

  • Green light – For green food items like spinach, which have low calorie
  • Yellow Light – Food items with limited starch, protein, and low calorie
  • Red light – Calorie rich food items like cheese

As of now, many different pre-designed plans are available in the Noom app.

If you want a customized plan, you need to purchase the app subscription and answer a few questions. After that, the app would make a plan as per your answers. 

What Can We Eat During Noom Diet – The Noom Food List!

When we talk about the Noom diet, the food list is never-ending as there are literally negligible restrictions for any kind of food.

Instead, all the food items are put into 3 buckets, or rather 3 lights: Red, Green, and Yellow.

Simply, we can say that the classification is dependent upon calorie intake. Here’s an idea of the food items contained in all these 3 groups. 


  • Olive oils, nuts & seeds
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Bacon
  • French fries


  • Blueberries
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Beet
  • Oats
  • Whole-grain bread
  • Non-fat dairy products
  • Egg whites


  • Avocado
  • Salmon
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Tofu
  • Black beans
  • Low-fat dairy
  • Beans 

Noom Diet Program Review 

The Noom diet comes with 2 plans. Let’s first understand these in order to know how does the Noom diet work.

Noom Diet Healthy Weight Program 

Trying to get an effective and sudden weight loss technique?

Alright, the healthy weight program makes you take fewer calories.

More importantly, it can help you keep a track of the total calorie intake and exercise you do on a daily basis.  

Sticking to the Noom diet plan is easy because it’s not that challenging. As a matter of fact, people who have experienced this diet plan claim that you can shed a couple of pounds in one week.

The condition is – you have to follow it up religiously.  

Noom Diet Diabetes Management Program 

The diabetes management program of the Noom diet is a bit complex and has certain restrictions. In this plan, you will get a coach who will keep a track of your calorie intake. 

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recognized and verified this diabetes management program, making it a reliable one for diabetic people. 

How Does Noom Diet Work for Weight Loss

Once you choose your preferred plan, log in to the website.

After logging in, the site will ask you some questions based on your current lifestyle, eating habits, and your goal about weight loss with the Noom diet.

Make sure to answer everything honestly. If you cheat here, it will be tough to get the desired results via the Noom app.

During the first week, you will meet a coach with whom you can discuss various methods, eating habits, the type of food you eat, and some parts of your daily routine – almost everything that you do would be considered for the sake of improvement.  

After some weeks, once you become used to the diet, you can just monitor your daily calorie intake.

And yes, there will be a session with the coach once a week, where you can discuss the problems faced during the diet or any other thing that you’re concerned about. 

The whole process is long-term and you can’t lose weight overnight. But over time, the Noom diet will become a mandatory part of your life and you will definitely see the changes it brings in you.

What Noom Plan Should You Follow? 

There are several Noom plans to follow and that’s what makes it even more confusing.

No worries, we have tested numerous plans, and here are the top 3 that you should inculcate in your daily life to lose weight with the Noom diet. 

Plan 1: Noom Diet for People with Less Appetite

Breakfast: Egg omelet 

Snacks: Fat-free yogurt with berries

Lunch: Grilled chicken with some salad

Dinner: Salmon and beans with brown rice 

Snacks:  Roasted chickpeas

Plan 2: Best for People with Moderate Appetite

Breakfast: Oats mixed with berries 

Morning Snack: Apple & cucumber salad with hummus

Lunch: Green veggies with salt and pepper

Afternoon Snack: A frozen smoothie and eggs without yolk

Dinner: Grilled chicken with a glass of wine

Plan 3: For People with More Appetite

Breakfast: Coffee with milk, muffin with cream cheese, and 1 hard-boiled egg

Snack: Any 2 fruits (Apple and orange would do fine)

Lunch: Salad, chicken breast, and any 1 low-fat dairy product

Snack: Carrots, eggs, and hummus

Dinner: Canned beans, salad, salmon, and avocado (in any form)

Dessert: Protein bar or chocolate yogurt

What Food Items to Avoid In Noom Diet? 

As mentioned above, there are no specific food items to avoid in the Noom diet. But, the diet would work efficiently if you reduce red-light food items.

The food products have high calories and you should take them only once a day or once every alternate day.

Most people eat red-light food items all day long and expect weight loss. If you do this, it’s a cheat meal and not a Noom diet meal.

So make sure to keep yourself away from the red light food items. 

Do you want to know what beverages are not recommended during the Noom diet?

Okay listen, any juice or beverage which has a boat-load of sugar is forbidden in the Noom diet because these bring extensive calories. 

How Much Does Noom Cost Per Month?

The plan has a 14-day free trial, which helps you get used to the platform and see if it’s a good fit for you.

After 14 days, you will be charged $59 per month. If you think it’s not a good fit, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want.

Benefits of Noom Diet for Weight Loss

  1. Get over the shoulder coaching from an expert dietician
  2. The diet focuses on cutting calories down and increasing the nutrient intake, which helps in weight loss as well as staying fit
  3. Unlike other diets, there are no major restrictions on any food item you wish to have except for the red light ones
  4. With a long term healthy life plan, you can develop healthy eating habits with overall personality development

Drawbacks of Noom Diet Plan for Weight Loss

  1. $59 per month is something you may not like. But hey, that would at least help you stay committed. It hurts when you don’t get full leverage out of your money haha 🙂 
  2. Without a smartphone or a laptop, it’s not possible to access the Noom diet plan. 

Final Thoughts – Is the Noom Diet Worth it?

If you find yourself as a person who needs the right plan for weight loss, go for the Noom diet because it’s natural and free of side effects. 

Although it’s a slow process, it can silently make you a person of better food habits.

So after enrolling in this plan, two things would happen to you. Either you will succeed and stay succeeded or you won’t succeed at all. 

We think the diet is worth a try. Let’s know if the Noom diet worked for you or not!

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