Workout Plan for Women Weight Loss | 8+ Simple Things To Do

workout plan

Looking for a short and efficient way to get rid of those belly fats? Alright, I know you have been living in a place called frustration. Don’t worry, let’s today lay out a perfect workout plan for women’s weight loss. 

Last year has been a tough one but not anymore. We couldn’t get rid of Corona yet, so what? We’re gonna get rid of excess fat for sure 🙂 

Before we go through the plan, let me tell you that cardio workouts are great but focusing only on that won’t help much in the long run. So let’s find out what would.

Workout Plan for Women’s Weight Loss at Home – Beginner Friendly! 

Have you never ever in your life indulged in working out? If that’s the case, try this weight loss exercise plan at home. Here are some effective beginner workout plans for women’s weight loss. 

Front Rise to Lateral Rise  – Train Your Shoulders Correctly

  1. Grab dumbbells or any lightweight object. 
  1. Hold the dumbbell in hand keeping your back straight, chest out, and shoulders a foot apart. 
  1. Raise the dumbbell to your shoulder level, keeping your hands straight. 
  1. Now bring the weight down and lift them sideways, again up to your shoulder level, and return to the initial position. 

This completes one cycle. Keep going, you’re doing great! 

Lateral Step-Out Squat – Most Common Yet Important Exercise

  1. Wear a resistance band around your legs just below the knees 
  1. Step on your right and descend into a sitting position until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Done? Now get up engaging your glutes. 
  1. Repeat it on the other side. 

Once you’re done doing so, start it all over again. 

Banded Leg Lift – Best for Body Stabilization

  1. Wrap the resistance band around your thighs
  1. Rest with your palms and knees, touching the ground, and slowly lift your left leg till the point it gets parallel to the floor
  1. Move your legs a few more inches upwards, leveraging those pretty glutes of yours, and then bring them down. 

Repeat it with your right leg and then the whole procedure again.

Plank – The Most Intense Exercise for Your Core

  1. Start with your forearms and knees resting on the floor 
  1. Make sure your arms are at 90 degrees and your elbows are right below your shoulders
  1. Slowly raise your hip and set your body in a straight line from head to toes 
  1. Maintain this position for as much time as possible
  1. Repeat this thrice

Increase Your Blood Flow with Toe Touch

  1. Start with lying on your back and your feet straight up high. 
  1. Hold a dumbbell or any weight in your hands above your chest. 
  1. Engage your core, lift your shoulders, and try to reach your toes. 
  1. Go down again and lie on your back again. 

A pro tip: Complete 3 sets of each exercise mentioned above with 10 reps in each set. Make sure to rest for a minute or two in between these sets.

Workout Plans for Women’s Weight Loss in Gym

If there’s a good and affordable gym nearby, it’s high time to make a good use of it. Here are the top 5 exercises that will surely give you a nice and lean look. 

A pro tip: Make sure you complete 3-4 sets of each exercise with proper form and technique.

Strengthen Your Back with Barbell Hip Bridge

  1. Sit on the floor having your feet, shoulder-width apart, and shoulders resting on a bench behind you. 
  1. Hold a barbell with weights you’re comfortable with and keep it above your hips. 
  1. Slowly raise your hips as high as possible by engaging your glutes, hold for 5 seconds, and then go back down. 
  1. Repeat this 10-12 times to complete one set.

Build Your Calf Muscles with Dumbbell Lunge

  1. Take the dumbbells in your hand.
  1. Enter into a lunge position on your left leg. 
  1. Make sure your left knee forms a 90-degree-angle and your right knee doesn’t touch the floor. 
  1. Maintain the formation for at least 3 seconds.
  1. Repeat this 10-12 times to complete a set.

Floor Press – Increases Elbow Strength

  1. Start with lying on your back and holding a pair of dumbbells over your shoulders. 
  1. Keeping your core tight, push the dumbbells upwards over your head, and then bring them down. 
  1. Complete 10 reps to finish a set.

Romanian Deadlift with Dumbbells

  1. Take a barbell in your hand. The barbell should be in front of the body, keeping your elbows straight.
  1. Slowly bend forward, keeping your back straight and knees slightly bent until your back is almost parallel to the floor. 
  1. Make sure you stay in this position for about 3 seconds. 

Repeat this around 10 times.

Get Extra Core Activation with Goblet Squat

  1. Hold a dumbbell right in front of your chest with elbows down and feet,  shoulder-width apart
  1. Descend as in case of a normal squat with knees slightly going outwards, so that inside of your knee touches the elbow
  1. Hold for 2 seconds and go back to the starting position

Repeat this 10 times to complete one set.

What’s Important: Focus on the Intensity of Your Workouts! 

Your body’s strength and shape depend on the number of sessions you can take in the long run. It’s recommended that beginners workout at low intensity initially, i.e., performing 3 sets consisting of 8-10 reps of each exercise. 

So raise your workout intensity with time, increasing the number of reps and sets & decreasing the rest periods between sets.

The workout plan for women’s weight loss given above is the best you could get. Those workouts target all those areas where the fats get accumulated quickly. 

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