Water Fasting For Weight Loss | What You Need To Know

Water Fasting For Weight Loss

You’ve heard of water fasting for weight loss, you’ve seen some awesome results online and here you are!

Imagine you could lose up to 10-20 pounds in a matter of days or weeks.

If there was a way of shedding those stubborn fats once and for all and quickly, that would be more than exciting uh?

And by the end, you could get a transformed body, feel confident again in your skin and fit perfectly in the clothes you’ve always wanted.

But right now, that feels like a whole world away, doesn’t it?

  • ❌ Summer is here and you can’t get into that sexy swimming suit at the beach
  • ❌ You always have to wear baggy jeans and loose shirts
  • ❌ You don’t feel the motivation to exercise because of those extra pounds

You’re near to throwing in the towel and giving up.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The secrets to losing your extra pounds are only a few scrolls away.

And all you have to do is scroll, read, and start.

Because in this article I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

Ready to wave goodbye to your extra pounds?

Let’s dive right in.

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water fasting for weight loss

What Is Water Fasting?

Water Fasting is all about giving your body the opportunity to heal, rejuvenate, reboot, you name it. And you do it by quitting food except water for a little while.

It has many benefits many people don’t even realize and one of them is weight loss.

It is essentially feeding your body on water only for a rapid weight loss.

Sounds difficult right?

But it doesn’t have to be if you know what you’re doing, how to do a water fast, and what you should and should not do.

Don’t worry, I will guide you as you keep reading.

Benefits of Water Fasting

As I said a few lines before, there are lots of water fasting benefits.

Although the main topic here is water fasting for weight loss, let’s see a few happy things that can happen to you during and after a water fasting.

Blood Pressure Regulation

Medical studies have shown people who went on a supervised water fast have seen their blood pressure come back to normal after 14 days.

This shows that water fasting can really get out of danger someone who suffers from borderline hypertension.

Weight Loss

When you don’t have any carb intakes and you only drink water, the ketone bodies inside of your metabolism get higher.

And when you enter into a ketosis state, your body burns fat much faster than a typical low carb diet because it will actually seek out energy from your fat storage.

Natural Detoxification

When you fast and drink water, your liver is fully triggered to pull all toxins out of your body.


When your body is clean of toxins, your organism is like new. As a result, you will feel healthier, more energetic, and in a better mood. This in turn will make you a more productive person.

What Happens When You Fast

As you probably know, the carbs that we ingest are broken down and transformed into glucose, a natural form of sugar for our body to function properly.

This sugar storage is known as glycogen.

That’s where the body gets its original source of energy.

When we fast, the body is deprived of carbohydrates and other nutrients, therefore emptying the glucose storage.

The thing is this: our body needs energy everyday whether we are fasting or not.

But since the body cannot find and take its energy from the glycogen because no carbs are entering the body, it will automatically produce another form of energy but this time from another source.

During fasting, the body will draw its energy from your fat storage.

When transitioning to a fasting mode, there are many things happening inside of the body.

And one of these effects is weight loss.

Remember I told you that during a fast, your body will draw its energy from your fat storage.

Therefore, each time your body needs energy it will automatically burn fat and convert it into a form of glucose for energy.

In other words, you’re not taking any calorie but your body is burning calories. Obviously, weight loss happens.

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motivational time-marked water bottle for weight loss

How To Do A Water Fasting

water fasting therapy

** This article is not intended for:

  • Pregnant Women
  • Children & Teenagers
  • People with Diabetes
  • Breastfeeding Moms
  • People with Health Issues or Disorders
  • People on Medication

Now let’s get to the meat of the subject. How to start water fasting so you can lose weight fast without exercise.

Prepare Yourself For The Water Fasting

Preparation is key especially if you’re about to do this for the first time.

I won’t say going on a water fasting is easy.

By any means, I want to scare you but the first few days can be hard.

Personally, I’m not an advocate of drastic diets where you have to starve yourself to lose weight. That’s why a few years ago, I chose a medium carb low-fat diet to shed my 41 pounds of excess fats.

Although it took me 7 months to be where I am today, I prefer that over severely restricting my body from food.

You can read how to lose weight naturally with a clean and healthy eating.

But if you’re here, you may be pressed to shed your extra pounds for special reasons and yeah a water fasting can be the solution.

Therefore, you need to prepare yourself mentally.

For me, I needed to get ready in my mind because I know that cutting down on food completely for one week would not be an easy ride but not impossible.

Make your goal your focus, talk to yourself if needed so you can train your mind to be conscious about what you’re going to do.

Start Gradually

Each time we start something new, I really believe we should not just jump blindly on the bandwagon.

As I always say, each person’s metabolism reacts differently to something, be it a diet, a work out program.

With that being said, if it’s your first time doing a fast, start gradually.

For instance, in the middle of the week, you can do a day of intermittent fasting.

Doing this, you will know if you will be able to cope with a full fasting.

If you succeed at that intermittent fasting, this means you have what it takes in terms of willingness to abstain from food.

Reduce Your Carb Intake Progressively

Again, switching to a fasting mode should not be abrupt.

Instead, go for a slow, unhurried, and cautious shift to this new stage.

Let’s say it’s Wednesday and you’ve decided to start your water fasting diet on Sunday.

What you can do is to start decreasing your carb intake from Wednesday itself or the next day.

You can have all your meals but this time in a reduced portion, especially carbs.

By doing this, your body will get familiarized with less food and you will lower your chances of struggling when in a full fasting mode.

Drink More Water

During the few years of trying different ways to lose weight, I’ve come to this conclusion: we should never give shocks to our body but instead train it.

Before you start your water fasting, drink more water. More so if you’re not a water type person.

If you’re not used to drinking enough water, how will you live on water only?

What you should do is to get accustomed to the taste of water when you wake up, during the day, before meals, and before going to bed.

When you do this a few days before going into your water fasting, I assure you that you won’t end up brawling with your bottle of water.

water fasting for weight loss

What You Should Not Do While Water Fasting

There are a few myths I’ve heard and read about water fasting and since I’ve done it and got awesome results, I think I’m in a position of addressing these fallacies.

Don’t Stay In Bed All Day

This one I’ve heard a million times: when you fast, you should rest and not do anything otherwise you will collapse.

Well, for some people with health issues or disorders, this might be true to some point.

If you’re a healthy person and you’re on a water fasting, I recommend that you stay active.

It’s totally fine to exercise during a water fasting.

As a matter of fact, health experts recommend exercises during a fast.

Our body is like a machine. As long as we keep it moving, we’re good.

Therefore, when you will be water fasting, don’t be afraid to do light exercises to keep your system in good shape.

It’s true that the first days can be a little hectic if you’ve never done a full fasting but as you’re getting used to it, start with some simple exercises.

I’m not telling you to go and lift weights though!

There are some exercises that require just a little energy that you can do during your fast.

Please don’t stay in bed all day, drinking water…

Do Not Force Anything

As I said, if you’re not used to fasting, the first two days can be hard because your body is now into something it has never experienced.

And consequently, you might get a bit weak, dizzy or super hungry…

Just because it’s a water fasting diet does not mean you’re not allowed to have other drinks during the day.

Your goal is to quit food for a while. But if you hear your stomach crying for help, give it something else and don’t feel guilty about it.

For e.x, when you wake up, take your first glass of water and then after an hour allow yourself a cup of tea or coffee.

If you’re feeling hungry during the day and water is not helping, chew on a zero-calorie food.

I’ve once got someone asking me if she takes a cup of coffee with sugar during her two weeks fasting, will that not double her weight???

Oh boy!

If you’re really struggling to continue on water only, you can definitely have some fruits or even add fruits to your water and let it infuse for a few hours.

Losing weight is not about inflicting some severe restrictions on your body.

If you can do 30% only, it’s fine. If you can do 60% only, don’t give up! Don’t force anything on your body.

If you really can’t after the first day, at least you’ve tried. Instead, try intermittent fasting, but don’t give up on working on your desire to lose weight!

Do Not Panic

Science has proved that stress can be a silent destructive agent and a weight loss killer.

Did you know that stress can make you gain weight? That’s because when we are stressed, our body releases more of a hormone called Cortisol, which contributes to storing fat cells.

Since your goal is to lose weight, you do not want to do something that can sabotage your efforts.

So, chill and drink water!

How Much Weight Can You Lose Drinking Only Water For A Week???

There’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all answer to this.

It really depends on how your system reacts to water fasting.

You can lose weight very fast or slow. Not because I have lost 22lbs in one week that you too will get the same results.

But one thing I can guarantee is that you will lose weight.

A few friends of mine and myself, we did a water fasting challenge a few weeks ago and our results were different. But in the end, each of us lost above 10 pounds in one week.

Generally speaking, most of the people that have gone through a 7-day water fasting have lost a minimum of 7 pounds.

How Long Can You Fast

water fasting for weight loss

The length of your water fasting period will depend on your needs.

Some people can fast for only 24 hours, some can go for a 3-day fasting while others can go up to 21-40 days.

Again, you are the one to decide on the duration of your fast based on your goals and how far you can go.

If you need to drop 10 pounds and after 7 days you’ve managed to lose 7 pounds, then going on for a few days to reach your desired weight is doable.

While fasting pay attention to your health. Because if your fast is causing health troubles, then it’s not a good sign.

If for the first few days, you feel a bit weak then don’t panic. This is something normal when going through a zero diet.

If you are feeling intensive dizziness, unbearable headaches or heartburns, or severe stomach aches, do not insist on fasting.

How To Break A Fast Safely?

Breaking a fast in a safe way is very important and there are things not to do in order to avoid any trouble.

It’s very dangerous to just get out of water fasting after one week and start eating normally.

  • ✅ Break your fast with something easy to digest such as a smoothie or a salad
    ✅ Take food again gradually, in small portions especially carbs
  • ✅ Eat cooked foods instead of raw foods
  • Keep drinking plenty of water (2L-3L)

Based on my experience, these things are essential when getting out of a fast so as not to cause damage to our stomach and digestive tract.

Water Fasting Dangers & Risks ⚠

While water fasting can be safe and successful for some, for others it can come with health risks, especially if they already have health issues.

If this is your case, I urge you to seek medical advice before starting a water fast.

As strange as it can sound, studies have shown that water fasting has been able to prevent the formation of new cancer cells in some patients but meanwhile can increase the risk of diseases in other patients.

That’s why health experts suggest that people with health issues, such as gout, diabetes, eating disorders like bulimia, should do a fast under medical supervision.

Final Thoughts On Water Fasting For Weight Loss

Water fasting is an amazing method to lose weight fast and has other sweet benefits for health.

Everything you do for your weight and health, do it cautiously.

If not sure, feel free to seek medical advice first.

Good luck and let me know of your results. Would be so happy to hear your testimonials.

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  4. Gonna get started next week. Thanks for this precious guide ????

    1. Awww you’re so welcome!

      Good luck on your weight loss journey.

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